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5 Popular Javascript Minification Tools

5 Popular Javascript Minification Tools

JavaScript is minified by removing any unnecessary characters and whitespace from the code while preserving its functionality.


Here are 5 popular JavaScript minification tools:

  1. UglifyJS: UglifyJS is a popular JavaScript minification tool that is widely used in the web development community. It can minify JavaScript code and also perform code optimisation and mangling.
  2. Google Closure Compiler: Google Closure Compiler is a powerful tool that can minify JavaScript code and also perform advanced optimisations, such as dead code elimination and function inlining.
  3. YUI Compressor: YUI Compressor is a JavaScript minification tool developed by Yahoo! It can minify JavaScript code and also perform CSS minification.
  4. JSMin: JSMin is a lightweight JavaScript minification tool that removes whitespace and comments from JavaScript code.
  5. Closure Linter: Closure Linter is a tool that can be used to enforce coding standards for JavaScript code. It can also perform JavaScript minification using the Google Closure Compiler.

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