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I’ve been really happy with the results we’ve achieved in such a short space of time. The team has really engaged with our business and given us lots of feedback about the work they are doing and what we can do ourselves to improve results even further. Working with Tillison Consulting gives me confidence that we can move our business forward.

Paul Mulderrig – Managing Director, Mulderrigs

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Law Firm Marketing Services

We’re proud of our successful Law Firm Marketing campaigns. Our team delivers a range of services for lead generation, to get more traffic to your website and most importantly, to increase leads.

Show Ads at the top of Search Results when customers search for legal services

Free clicks from Google Search when customers search for law firms and legal services


Convert 2x more website visitors in to enquiries for legal services

Target audiences using Display Ads, Video Ads, Social Media Ads and Paid Search

We build better legal services sites that convert more visitors in to leads

Spend more time with your clients and let us handle all of your digital marketing needs

We're specialists in digital marketing for law firms

Our team of experts have proven experience in delivering excellent results for the legal sector.  We improve website traffic, generate leads and increase your client base. 

We want to be part of your success

Grow Your Law Firm

We know what it takes to showcase your business to potential clients in an increasingly competitive legal market. Our strategies ensure you’re seen in the most relevant places, attracting potential clients to your website and boosting your bottom line. 

By working with you to understand your goals and objectives, our marketing team will;

digital marketing services for law firms and solicitors

Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms & Solicitors

No matter what sector you’re in, it’s important to work with an agency that knows the industry inside out. Whether you are looking for personal injury, family, litigation, arbitration leads, we have a wide range of services that will help you to get the results you are looking for.

After your initial consultation, our experts will implement a strategy tailored to you. This could include:

Proven Results

62% increase in personal injury leads!

Mulderrigs got in touch looking to increasing the quantity and quality of their leads. We did it for them and can do the same for you!

Mulderrigs utilised our digital marketing for law firm services

Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

What to expect from our experts

Paid campaigns

Our data-led Google Ads campaigns are always unique to your law firm. PPC campaigns are optimised by our specialists, you’ll get the highest return on investment possible from your target audience.

Search engine optimisation

Our SEO for lawyers and solicitors will get more prospective clients to your website by improving your search engine rankings and pushing you ahead of the competition.

Web design

Work with our expert developers to create an eye-catching website that looks stunning on desktop and mobile. Together we’ll make design a website you can be proud of.

Social media

Social media marketing is never left by the wayside. Our online marketing specialists formulate campaigns for Facebook and Instagram so prospective clients can find you.

Digital PR

Get featured on websites, podcasts and more by making the most of our digital PR services. You’ll raise your profile and bring more traffic to your site at the same time.

Digital consultancy

We know you need a digital marketing strategy that works for your firm. Everything we do has you at the centre, and our expert team won’t rest until they’ve reached your goals.

Our Law Firms Digital Marketing Promise

At Tillison Consulting, we have a team dedicated to providing digital marketing solutions for law firms and solicitors. We have produced exceptional results for companies in a range of sectors. We only action campaigns that produce excellent results and go above and beyond your expectations. 

From the first meeting we will be upfront, honest and realistic. We work alongside you so you know how your project is progressing and what results are being achieved. 

Legal Marketing FAQs

If you can’t find an answer to your question, please get in touch.

You can promote your law firm in many ways!

To bring more relevant traffic to your website, one highly effective way is to increase your site and page rankings in search engine results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to increase your organic traffic, whereas pay-per-click (PPC) advertising will enable you to generate more traffic with paid Google Ads such as Search Ads, Display Ads, etc.

This can also be achieved by increasing the number of touchpoints in your strategy to build brand awareness and reach. Building a strong social media presence and providing valuable information and content through your platforms is another great method.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you’re interested in learning which strategies would be best for your business, and how we can help, get in touch!

Most digital marketing strategies are effective for law firms as long as they are implemented, monitored and optimised effectively.

When a prospective client is in need of legal services, in most instances they will begin their search through a search engine. Your website is the information point for your business and the higher you appear in search results for legal services, the better. 

A well-optimised website is the best place to start for improving your marketing initiatives. You will see a better return on other effective marketing channels, such as PPC and SEO, if your website clearly communicates your products and services, is easy to navigate and features consistent branding.


Having a strong digital presence is increasingly becoming a necessity for any business looking to expand. You should never underestimate how much of a prospective client’s decision-making occurs online, nor should you underestimate the power that online advertising has over this decision-making.

Digital marketing is extremely effective in building brand awareness, credibility and authority. With the right strategies, you’ll be able to reach the right people, at the right time, on their platform of choice and present your legal services as the solution to their problems.

Yes, it can.

Highly targeted digital marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, allow you to be very specific on what you show prospective clients, when you show it and how you show it. For instance, you could set up Google Search Ads to display when a prospective client searches for a specific search term, allowing you to promote your urgent legal services when they need it.

Yes, our team will provide you with regular reports of the progress of your campaigns and you’ll have access to our project management system. This way, you’ll be kept in the loop about all the work we do and how everything is performing.

SEO for solicitors presents a number of incredibly powerful opportunities. As a solicitor, you will rely on attracting prospective clients from nearby areas. A local SEO strategy will help you reach that local audience, increase the traffic to your website and increase the number of clients.

Our team will confirm the potential budget you could spend for each campaign and a realistic ROI you can aim for.

Typically, a law firm might spend between £1,000 and £1,500 per month on marketing services and media budget, but that does depend on the size of the area the practice serves and the number of products and services which need marketing.

It’s definitely worth it!

Google Business Profile is a free tool for businesses to manage their online presence on Google Maps and Search. Lawyers can add all their essential information including opening hours, business description and business contact detail (NAP), areas you serve, your business category, photos, and posts about updates, deals and events. Google uses these to rank your business for related local searches.

Having a Google Business Profile also allows visitors to contact you or request directions at the click of a button from your mobile or desktop.

There’s no simple answer to this other than, “it depends”.

Pay Per Click (PPC) works beyond Paid Search – across a huge display network where banner ads can be displayed, for example. SEO can’t compete with that directly.

However, comparing paid search with SEO, there are pros and cons to each;

 – you pay for every click with PPC, but organic clicks are free

 – PPC can deliver traffic almost immediately, whereas SEO takes time and investment to build and create a solid return

 – the ROI from SEO typically outweighs that of PPC

In our experience, there is typically room for both within a Digital Marketing Strategy and those businesses which dominate their market invest in both.

Conversion rate optimisation is the process of optimising your website or landing pages to encourage users who visit it to make the desired action (also called a conversion).

By utilising Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for your website you will have a much higher opportunity to engage with your website visitors and ultimately make more sales!

Not only does CRO lower your customer acquisition costs; it also gets more value from the visitors and users you already have.

By improving the usability of your website on both desktop and mobile, you’ll help your customers find what they are looking for in the small window they have, and that couldn’t be more important in 2022.

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Rank higher than your competitors on search engines when someone performs a local search. Master search marketing with us.

Our experienced specialists will significantly improve your return on investment through pay-per-click ads management.

page optimisation

Understand your website traffic and improve the customer interactivity, performance, and revenue of your site.

Our expert team of web designers will create the perfect online platform that will help boost your bottom line.

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