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We Design Stunning Bespoke Websites

We now have a great looking website that’s not only easy for our customers to use, it’s simple for us to manage and optimise.”

Carol Massay – CEO, EasyBuild UK

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Increase traffic, boost revenue and maximise profits

If your website isn’t growing your business, it’s time for a new one

94% of people won’t trust an outdated website.

75% base credibility by a website.

Our expert team of web designers will create the perfect online platform that will help boost your bottom line.

We want to be part of your success

Web Design Agency

As a full service web design agency, we understand what is needed for a successful, results-driven website.

From your initial meeting, we will take pride in your project and create a site that you will be proud of.

We not only focus on designing you a stunning website, but we also ensure that it is fit for purpose by ensuring it is user friendly.

You can also expect:

Working With You

Our web design services have been created with you at the centre. Everything fits your brand and your guidelines.

The team works with you to design a website that you love, and they’re with you every step of the way.

We are extremely happy with our new website...

We now have a great looking website that’s not only easy for our customers to use, it’s simple for us to manage and optimise. We would highly recommend Tillison to anybody that is looking for a new website.”

Carol Massay – CEO, EasyBuild UK

It's always great to see the results...

Hearing that a website you’ve built has driven results for your client is one of many perks of the job. I’ve been an enthusiast of technology from day one of my career, which has given me a “bigger picture” approach to every build. I won’t just make your website look beautiful, I’ll make it feel like a dream to use.”

Joe Ford – Senior Web Developer

Joe Ford - Tillison Consulting

Website Design Essentials

What to expect from our experts


Your initial meeting gets your web design and development going. We use this to find out what you’re looking to accomplish, your preferences, and any new features you’d like to add to your website.


We start with a ‘look and feel’ design, which sets the style for the website. We then move on to the page layouts, which includes an estimate and everything we plan to do to reach your goal.

Site Structure

Every website needs a solid SEO foundation. We give you a strong site structure, increasing your chances of ranking higher, aiding your user experience, and boosting sales and enquiries.


Once you’re happy with your design and how the website looks on paper, we will get to work on building it. When we have finished, we will send you a test link to the working website. 

Search Engine Optimisation

We analyse every targeted web page across your website. We focus on content, internal linking and more. This helps to define relevance for target keywords, to compete in competitive markets.


When your website is ready and as soon as you give the final sign-off, we’ll work with you to change your domain settings and  take care of the last preparations for the launch of your new, optimised website.

Our Website Design Promise

A website is the modern-day shopfront and the backbone of a digital marketing strategy. It’s imperative that it works well and can be relied upon while also being flexible and able to change quickly.

Our web team is constantly learning and trying new technology in order to achieve this and enhance our web design services.

Examples Of Our Work

While you can make your own WordPress website, a web design agency like Tillison will make your job easier and save you time – we have years of experience creating WordPress websites, after all. We will also help make a more unique site that isn’t limited to templates, ensuring it is a better reflection of your business and is optimised for desktop and mobile.

WordPress is free and easy to use, so it’s a great platform on which to build a website. It also has a stable code base, a wide selection of plugins to help with the functionality of your site and it allows us to create a website that will be the best online representation of your business.

Yes, WordPress is user-friendly, so editing and optimising your website will be easy.

WordPress plugins are optional add ons for WordPress sites that add new features and functionality to websites, like apps on your smartphone. Because they can improve functionality, while not strictly necessary, some of them are worth installing. Because there are so many plugins to choose from, we’ll help you pick the right plugins for your website.

Yes, WordPress is secure. The best way to ensure the security of your site is by keeping WordPress, plugins and security credentials up to date. As with many things, keeping it secure is about keeping it up to date, which is why we offer ongoing support of any WordPress sites we develop.

Yes, we do. All our WordPress websites are supported and maintained because WordPress is a living breathing system that changes regularly, so support is important. This includes keeping WordPress and plugins updated.

The cost of a WordPress website depends very much on what you want your website to include and how long it will take us to create.

We can build your WordPress website in anything from a couple of weeks to a few months depending on the size and complexity of the site.

Yes, all our sites are also optimised for and work well on mobile devices. Over half of searches are conducted on mobile devices, and it’s believed that the future is in mobile, so we optimise for those and consider the future of your website.

WordPress gives our designers complete flexibility and creativity when it comes to designs, so your site can be unique, tailored to your business and consistent with your brand. This means it can reflect your business, ethos and values.

Yes, we can convert existing sites into WordPress. If you need to do this, we’ll plan the process with you to make sure it’s as smooth as possible to get the content from your old site to your new site.

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