Social Media PPC Advertising

Accelerate Audience Growth

Social PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a great opportunity to accelerate growth of your audience by targeting specific demographics and interests.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn offer flourishing paid ad platforms, each with its own unique targeting opportunities to gain visibility, awareness and reach for your messages and brand.

Successful Social PPC Advertising

Successful Social Media PPC Advertising campaigns create a number of positive outcomes;

  • Significant brand reach within specific, relevant target audiences
  • Increases in brand search traffic
  • Accelerated social audience growth and engagement which increases organic audience growth
  • Significant increase in traffic referred directly from Social Media posts and its contribution to sales
  • Direct leads and sales

Social Pay per Click campaigns are created and managed by our experienced Pay Per Click Team who work closely with the Social Media Team to create bespoke, targeted campaigns on relevant platforms to help you achieve your goals.

facebook 50px 50px Facebook – Social PPC Advertising to reach consumers

twitter 50px 50px Twitter – Social PPC Advertising to reach businesses and consumers

cs-linkendin LinkedIn – Social PPC Advertising to reach businesses and consumers

YouTube-logo-full_color YouTube – Social PPC Advertising to reach businesses and consumers

Our Social Media PPC Advertising Promise

  1. Before you spend any money, our Specialists will analyse the marketing opportunities which suit your budget.
  2. We’ll evaluate different opportunities and make recommendations for those which are most appropriate for your goals.
  3. We’ll prepare an outline strategy which outlines our plan for success
  4. We’ll build and optimise campaigns, working hard to continually increase performance
  5. We’ll report activity and results clearly
  6. We’ll continue to invest in research so that you can take advantage of new PPC opportunities

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