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Our professional Pay per Click team works with clients to create targeted LinkedIn Ads campaigns which increase brand reach and drive website traffic from your target audience.

LinkedIn Ads Targeting

LinkedIn Pay per Click Ads offers unique targeting criteria not available on any other Social PPC platform. For many B2B businesses, LinkedIn Ads are the most accurate opportunity to target niche audiences.

LinkedIn Ads can be targeted to C-Level decision makers and higher so that you maximise the potential of your ad by it going straight to the decision maker rather than their team. We have successfully run LinkedIn PPC Ads campaigns for a range of clients, in a range of different fields, all to great success.

Pay per Click Ads campaigns on LinkedIn require advanced strategies to micro-segment the target audience and measure response from each, maximising the performance of the campaign.

Targeting options vary significantly from campaigns to campaign and include geographic targeting, job title and/or job function, level of seniority, specified vertical or horizontal markets, company size and even gender. Our team of LinkedIn Ads specialists will tailor the audience targeting to achieve the closest match to your objectives.

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

The cost of LinkedIn Ads, like other PPC platforms, depends significantly on the level of competition for each targeted segment. Most Pay per Click platforms work on an auction basis, combining the bid and the response rate (CTR) to determine which ad is shown on each occasion. The higher the response to your campaign, the more times your ads will be shown and the more traffic you’ll gain.

Each LinkedIn Ads campaign is allocated a daily budget, with a minimum of $10 per day. Typically, bids are around $3.00 to $3.50. Remember that you only pay when someone clicks your ad, so some smaller campaigns may not spend any budget at all on some days, but the value of your ad showing (brand reach and frequency) still remains.

LinkedIn Ads Strategies

LinkedIn Ads strategies vary depending on the objectives and the audience you need to reach.

Social Pay per Click generally works best as a branding exercise, supporting and amplifying your content marketing strategy and building the reputation of your brand amongst your target audience.

LinkedIn ads can also be used as part of a lead generation campaign.

We’re a LinkedIn Ads Agency. Talk to our Specialists to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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