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LinkedIn Advertising Agency

Accurately target business audiences via a LinkedIn Ads Campaign

I’ve been really happy with the results we’ve achieved in such a short space of time. The team has really engaged with our business and given us lots of feedback about the work they are doing and what we can do ourselves to improve results even further […] Working with Tillison Consulting gives me confidence that we can move our business forward in these challenging circumstances.”

 Paul Mulderrig – Managing Director, Mulderrigs

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Target the right decision makers that will help your business grow

Our professional pay per click team works with clients to create targeted LinkedIn Ad campaigns that increase brand reach and drive high-intent website traffic.

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Truly Targeted Ads

LinkedIn Advertising has the most specific targeting criteria of any social media campaigns. This means we can target the most relevant and effective decision-makers within an organisation, maximising the potential of your campaign by directing it straight to your perfect audience.

LinkedIn offers a wide array of targeting options that include:

Over 500 million users at your disposal...

LinkedIn offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to engage with a professional audience. It has an advertising platform that has a variety of unique targeting criteria not available on any other social pay per click platform.

LinkedIn advertising strategies vary depending on the objectives and the audience you need to reach.  An effective LinkedIn campaign will:

Proven LinkedIn Ads Results

62% more leads generated

Our LinkedIn Advertising experts helped Mulderrigs increase the number of leads through a targeted campaign. We can do the same for you. 

Mulderrigs utilised our digital marketing for law firm services

LinkedIn Advertising Agency Fundamentals

What to expect from our experts

Establishing Your Goals

We can use LinkedIn Ads both to increase your brand reach and awareness and set up lead generation campaigns, tailored to your aims and objectives. 

Group Targeting

We will work with you to create an audience persona for your business which will allow us to use LinkedIn’s highly-specific targeting tools to reach people who will be interested in your produce or service. 

Budgets and Bids

To ensure your LinkedIn ads are as cost-effective as possible, we will carefully review the intention behind your campaign. This will help us to advise you on a realistic bidding budget. 

Strong Ad Copy

We will help you to avoid common traps that might discourage your audience and to write compelling ads that demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of your field. 

Eye-catching images

High-quality images are essential for the success of your LinkedIn advertising campaign. Our image optimisation skills will make your ads stand out and catch the eyes of your target audience. 

Maximising Social ROI

Keeping an eye on how well your ads are doing is crucial to your campaign’s success. Our analysis of their progress will help you figure out how to improve your campaign. 

Our LinkedIn Advertising Agency Promise

We have successfully run LinkedIn advertising campaigns for a variety of clients, in a range of different fields, all to great success.

Pay per click campaigns on LinkedIn require advanced strategies to micro-segment the target audience and analyse the ads’ progress, maximising the performance of the campaign. Our LinkedIn Advertising Agency specialists will tailor the audience targeting to achieve the closest match to your objectives.

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