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Social Media Management

Our social media team should be your social media team

Social media is an unparalleled opportunity to express your brand’s personality and genuinely engage customers and partners.

Our Social Media Management Services Team has helped businesses of all sizes raise their online profile, increase their audience size and improve their brand reach across a number of social media platforms.

Choosing a partner to represent your brand on social media is an important decision. We make sure that there’s a comprehensive briefing to make the transition seamless and represent your brand accurately, using an appropriate tone and content.

Social Media Successes

A small selection of our social media team’s successes:

  • high-growth fashion retailer achieved 1.1 million Facebook fans in just three years.
  • A restaurant gained a 1600% increase in fans through engagement, competitions and promotions.
  • Created and managed various competitions and promotions using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

We would love to be part of your success

Social Media Management Fundamentals

Brand Recognition

Before you do anything you need to develop a clear understanding of your brand. Consistency is key, and Team Tillison will help to make sure your brand and its values are reflected in everything from the imagery to the tone of voice you use.

Setting Your Goals

Your social media strategy is ultimately determined by what you want to achieve, and how and when you want to achieve it by. We will work with you to set realistic goals, helping you to gauge quite how successfully your business is performing on social media.

Audience Interaction

In the age of customers using social media to air their experiences, it’s never been more important to keep in touch with your audience. We will keep our ear to the ground and respond to every mention of your business, making your customers feel much more valued.

Collaborative Spirit

Depending on your sales process, we can transform your social media into a means of either generating leads, or to directly turn fans and followers into paying customers. To do this, you can use social media to offer your audience an incentive to ascend your sales funnel.

Creation and Curation

Finding and sharing content from other parties has become conventional practice by marketers, and adds value to your social media. If you struggle with creating fresh and compelling content all the time, we’ll help with achieving the balance between creation and curation.

Reviewing Your Strategy

The social media landscape is ever-changing, and to adapt to that you will need to revise your strategy from time to time. We will constantly review your performance and progress towards objectives, helping you figure out how to be at the top of your game, and stay there.
Mark Tillison - Tillison Consulting

1.1 million Facebook fans

We’re so proud of the huge success we’ve achieved working with the team at everything5pounds. That success has been achieved through a balanced strategy, with investment of time, effort and budget across different digital platforms which complimented one another, each contributing huge increases in website traffic and sales.

Mark Tillison – Managing Director, Tillison Consulting

Our Social Media Management Services Promise

Our Social Media Management Services take so much more than updating your Facebook status or writing the occasional tweet – it involves hours worth of research, analysis and engagement.

Our Social Media Team puts in the time to keep up with the latest marketing practices, which they can use to adapt your strategy so that it covers all the social media bases.

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