We’re so proud of the huge success we’ve achieved with this project and to work with the team at everything5pounds. That success has been achieved through a balanced strategy, with the investment of time, effort and budget across different digital platforms which complimented one another, each contributing huge increases in website traffic and sales.
– Mark Tillison – Managing Director, Tillison Consulting
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The Challenge

everything5pounds (E5P) is an eCommerce store selling clothes and accessories. Every item, from shoes to dresses to handbags are just £5. Using an integrated fashion eCommerce marketing strategy including pay per click search campaigns, SEO and social media, we have propelled the company to a dramatic upturn in business.

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The Strategy

With online retailers facing the challenge of being seen on the internet and the increase in competition, stores have a real challenge to get their products seen in this competitive market. Tillison Consulting started working with everything5pounds in 2011, and from the beginning, E5P had a clear eCommerce marketing strategy to become a major player in the online fashion market. They understood that digital marketing was essential to help them reach their goals, had run campaigns internally and had been relatively unsuccessful.

Initially, traffic was driven to the site using Google Ads and a steadily increasing Facebook fan base. The Facebook account was active with around 8,500 fans but had little engagement or interaction. To complement the Google Ads campaign, Tillison began to manage social media activity to better represent the brand and to engage and grow the audience.

Tillison added SEO Management Services for everything5pounds, steadily increasing organic website traffic by millions of visitors (106% overall) by improving the rankings for a range of carefully selected, sales-driving search terms. In the highly competitive online retail market, this represented huge increases in sales and an excellent return on investment.

The Results

E5P’s work with Tillison Consulting resulted in them having to move to bigger premises twice and to upgrade their server four times to cope with the huge increases in sales.

Hiring Pay Per Click Team at Tillison to manage the Google AdWords account improved results dramatically within a few weeks with traffic increasing fourfold to nearly 20,000 visitors per day. The dramatic improvement in performance and sales continued on a steep upward curve with the Cost per Conversion decrease by 24% as campaigns were further optimised.

After two years of promotions, engagement and Social PPC campaigns the magical 1million Facebook fans was achieved and this shows no sign of abating. Twitter was adopted as a more proactive strategy later in the campaign, quickly gaining 15,000 followers through a combination of Posts/Tweets, Adverts, promotions and Promoted Posts/Tweets.

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