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Thanks to the work of the team at Tillison Consulting, our online presence reflects the same sense of community we have here at Shalimar. We have a great working relationship and I would highly recommend their services. We’ve noticed an increase in footfall in the restaurant and a lot more customers talking about our Facebook page when they are dining in our restaurant – a sure sign of the impact the campaigns have had.
– Iraque Miah – Owner, Shalimar


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The Challenge

Shalimar is a stunning contemporary Indian restaurant in Waterlooville, Hampshire, which is on a mission is to excite and delight the palates of those who enjoy Indian cuisine. Shalimar had a Facebook page but wanted to work harder to engage its loyal customers regularly to encourage greater visit frequency and increase business during quieter periods in the year.

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The Strategy

While a Facebook page for Shalimar had been created, there was almost no posting activity or engagement – even though the restaurant is loved by a significant local customer base, those people didn’t actually ‘like’ the page and were not engaged with the brand online.

Our Specialists’ objective was to reach and create an engaged audience on Facebook with whom the Shalimar could communicate regularly. The strategy for achieving this was to create a series of innovative weekly promotions using our own Pay with a Post Facebook promotion application. giving customers an incentive to like the page rather than just like the restaurant. We had weekly draws for Dinner For Free, for discounts and for free side dishes.

Crucially, the Pay With a Post application extended the reach of the page to friends of customers and fans, which helped numbers grow steadily but still within local area – this was essential to the success of the campaign.

All promotion was completed either through existing footfall at the Shalimar or by posting on the Facebook page to existing fans, making sure to post regularly in order to maintain brand presence, and keep the audience coming back for more.

The Results

Over the course of 10 months, our offline and online organic Facebook campaign grew Shalimar’s audience from just 65 to 1,000 people – this was an honest reflection of the audience size the restaurant owner could hope to achieve in Shalimar’s geographic location.

Significant customer ‘buzz’ was evident during promotions, with customers noticeably discussing and enquiring about what promotion was next while in the restaurant. That buzz was reflected in significant increases online, such as a huge 540% greater reach for social messages and promotions. Ongoing engagement and promotions have continued to grow the audience, brand reach remains high and Shalimar’s audience feels valued and satisfied.

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