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Our Holistic Approach

We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our WordPress SEO campaigns are tailor-made for each individual client. At Tillison Consulting, we look at your website, market and competition so we can delivery the best strategy for business.

We look after every page on your site and every last line of code to make sure you get the results you deserve.

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Get your WooCommerce store ranking higher than your competitors.

Faster WordPress sites convert more visitors and rank better in Google Search.

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We optimised a manufacturing businesses WordPress website and saw an 288% increase in organic traffic!

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Using Our WordPress SEO Services for Your Website

To increase search engine traffic to a WordPress demands a comprehensive grasp of SEO strategies, which in turn present a significant challenge. These strategies can be complex and involve a number of different factors; the website’s theme, the HTML in the theme, plugins used on the site and more. In order to achieve the best results it is recommended to partner with an experienced WordPress SEO team who are skilled in managing WordPress optimisation which can grow your site’s organic traffic.

WordPress SEO Audit and SEO Strategies for WordPress

When it comes to WordPress SEO, our team has a huge amount of experience and success - even our own site is built on WordPress.
Firstly, our team of specialists will conduct an SEO audit by using crawling tools and analysing your Google Search Console data. This helps to establish significant factors in your content and the structure of your website which are affecting its organic search rankings. These could be content indexation, cannibalisation and duplicate content, domain strength, meta tag issues, and far more.

This then enables our team to identify optimisation opportunities designed specifically for your unique needs and your business priorities. This is then generated into a plan of action by creating a bespoke SEO strategy and plan.

WordPress SEO Fundamentals

What to expect from our experts

Conversion Rate Optimisation

From site speed to product reviews, our specialists will make sure that your site is the best it can be to convert more customers.

On-Page Content

Your content matters. We research the keywords you need and optimise your posts and pages for maximum visibility.

Competitor Analysis

We research your competition and explore the tools and strategies we need to outsmart them.

WordPress Site Structure

Every great site starts with a strong foundation. We build that foundation for you, using gold-standard SEO practices.

Meta Data Optimisation

Meta titles, descriptions and image alt tags are all incredibly important when it comes to SEO but are usually overlooked. We’ll take care of those for you, making sure they’re filled in correctly for the best keywords.

Plugin Management

WordPress and WooCommerce have a variety of plugins – we’ll make sure your site has the ones it needs to optimise performance and maximise rank and traffic.

External Link Building

For those competitive terms, we’ll need to build or earn high-value external links to your pages to outrank competing posts and pages.

Technical WordPress SEO

We’ll tackle technical SEO; XML Sitemaps, Category Pages, Pagination, robots.txt and a host of other optimisation strategies to make your WordPress site easier for bots to crawl.

Google Search Console

We’ll configure Google Search Console to manage error reports and configure XML sitemaps to maximise crawlability and indexability, to give you the best results.

WordPress SEO Plug Ins:

Our WordPress Search Engine Optimisation experts ensure that the best and most current plugins are installed and of course any which have a negative SEO impact are reconfigured, replaced or removed, in order to improve the performance of your website. We use a number of different WordPress plugins, such as Yoast SEO for better content optimisation, plugins for improving page loading speed and plugins to protect your site against potential threats and hacks.

These plugins increase the bar for content quality, tighten security, and improve performance. We often employ a variety of plugins to allow us to optimise content, improving readability as well as monitoring of vital keywords we want to rank for and earn traffic.

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Frequently Asked WordPress SEO Questions

The short answer is no. In today’s Google algorithm there is no ranking benefit in including keywords in your domain name, but you should consider the “clickability” of your domain name, which could increase the CTR rather than the rankings.



Indirectly, yes. Optimising pages for relevance, speed and improving visitor experience will help support your SEO strategy and are factors in the Google Ads Quality score.

Optimisation can therefore increase ad rank and lower the average cost per click, not to mention those all important conversion rates too, of course!


The volume of internal links to a page helps search engines understand which of your pages are the most important on your site.

The anchor text used to link to pages indicates what a search engine might rank that page for.

Yes, posting great blog content can help your SEO strategy.

Firstly, creating optimised blog content can rank those pages in Google and attract traffic to your site. This content is often much easier to rank than your sales pages, which are typically much more competitive.

Secondly, linking from relevant, supporting content to your sales pages helps a search engine understand your depth of knowledge and expertise.


Page meta titles and descriptions and image alt tags, for example, help search engines understand what a page is about and what it might consider ranking that page for.

Yes, as part of the wider user experience signal used by search engines.

Google (other search engines are available) stated way back in 2010 that “Like us, our users place a lot of value in speed – that’s why we’ve decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings“.

And even if page speed weren’t a ranking factor, it is most certainly a factor in increasing conversion rates, getting you more leads and sales.

There’s no simple answer to this other than, “it depends”.

Pay Per Click (PPC) works beyond Paid Search – across a huge display network where banner ads can be displayed, for example. SEO can’t compete with that directly.

However, comparing paid search with SEO, there are pros and cons to each;

 – you pay for every click with PPC, but organic clicks are free

 – PPC can deliver traffic almost immediately, whereas SEO takes time and investment to build and create a solid return

 – the ROI from SEO typically outweighs that of PPC

In our experience, there is typically room for both within a Digital Marketing Strategy and those businesses which dominate their market invest in both.

SEO is part of a wider Digital Marketing Strategy.

Optimising your pages and your site to rank higher in search engines can deliver more traffic, but it is equally important to consider;

  1. The quality of that traffic and what value it adds to your brand and business.

The conversion rate of your landing pages. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an equally critical step in increasing leads and sales

SEO should be considered as a continuous investment with results improving steadily.

The optimisation of pages and technical SEO can have an impact on rankings within days, but that does not necessarily mean your site will rank top for every keyword within the same time frame.

Typical factors to consider are;

  1. Where your page/site currently ranks for a keyword. If you already rank OK, you may see some ranking gains within days.
  2. The volume of traffic and the level of competition. If you’re in a tough space targeting really valuable search traffic, that’s going to take a while, but will be worth the journey.
  3. The competition. If you’re up against high authority domains with well-optimised pages and content, be prepared for a longer journey to make up ground.

Our team will work with you to create realistic goals which are achievable within your budget and to avoid engaging in battles you just can’t win without a budget to match.

SEO Analysis will establish whether WordPress category SEO is important for your project.

If there are search terms we can rank your Category pages for, you can be sure that will be part of the SEO strategy.

Do We Need SEO Friendly URLs?

Keyword rich URLs are typically the default standard in a WordPress site, but may need some optimisation.

SEO Friendly URLs may be an important part of your WordPress SEO project, but possibly not a critical priority.

Optimising image alt texts and image descriptions can help with on-page optimisation – helping your page or post rank higher – but can also help surface images in Google Image search and land your WordPress site some free traffic too!

We’re getting deep in to complex, technical, international SEO using a HREFLANG implementation to determine which pages should rank in which country and for which language.

Yes, we can optimise your WordPress site for multilingual SEO.

noIndex tags are used to inform search engine bots not to include pages, posts or other content in their index.

For example, you may have some pages on your site such as tag categories which are great for humans, but aren’t really for a Search Engine.

A Robots.txt is included in most websites. Whilst a robots.txt file isn’t a requirement for every WordPress site, it can certainly help with SEO.

We’ll configure your WordPress robots.txt file to tell Googlebot and others which sections of your site it should access and crawl, and which it shouldn’t.

That will help make better use of your crawl budget and stop search engines indexing content you wouldn’t want listed.

Where necessary, we use 301 redirects to point bots and humans to new pages, when old pages have been removed.

That passes the value of the old page or post to the new page or post, usually along with the ranking of the old post or page too.

It also means that humans visiting an old link are presented with a relevant page, rather than a nasty old 404. Yuk!

Our Holistic Approach

We know one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our WordPress SEO campaigns are tailor-made for each individual client. At Tillison Consulting, we look at your website, market and competition so we can delivery the best strategy for business.

We look after every page on your site and every last line of code to make sure you get the results you deserve.