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We’ve helped clients make huge improvements in conversion rates following a User Experience Audit – reduced the AdWords cost per conversion and increased the percentage of visitors who converted from visit to enquiry or sale.

A Great User Experience Significantly Increases Sales

Our Digital Marketing Team knows from experience that maximising the return on every visit to your website needs more than just carefully selected keywords, a great brand and social presence.

To achieve the greatest returns on your campaign, your website, every landing page and every product or service page needs to resonate with your target audience.

Whether yours is an eCommerce store or a site designed to generate registrations, enquiries and phone calls, the User Experience can make the difference between success and failure.

The design, the layout, the images and video used and especially the navigation and action calls all play a significant role in converting clicks into enquiries and sales. Every element must be tested, measured and refined if campaigns are to produce maximum results.

User Experience Audit Example Plan

Our User Experience Audit is bespoke to every client and includes competitor research and a complete analysis of the experience a user has when visiting your website.

The first stage of a User Experience Audit is to establish who your customers are, what motivates them to need your product or service and a demographic profile of who they are. This gives a context to your website against which the following can be assessed:

  1. User behaviour: An assessment of how users typically behave on your website; the traffic sources that supply visits, your entry pages, exit pages, devices they use and where you’re leaking traffic and sales. We’ll make recommendations from our analysis of this data.
  2. Presentation: How your site is presented must resonate with the audience it seeks to attract. The overall design the layout and the images, video and text used is assessed and recommendations made to maximise the impact with your audience.
  3. Clear navigation: How users navigate to find your products and services, whether that’s a menu or search function. The results a user is presented with will guide their journey – the simpler that journey is, the more visitors will reach their goals. We’ll compare that to competitors’ sites and make recommendations.
  4. Devices: Users today browse the web using desktops, tablets and mobile devices of different sizes. With mobile device use surpassing the use of desktop in many markets, the user experience on all devices is critical to the success of a website. We’ll assess and compare your site’s performance against your competitors and make recommendations to increase sales.
  5. Landing page optimisation: The most significant impact on conversion rates from visit to enquiry or sale, landing page optimisation is an ongoing process to test layout, images, headlines, descriptive text and action calls. The first page a user visits will often define whether they stay on the site or leave immediately.
  6. Products and services: Often the pages which are the last step before a conversion, product/service page optimisation is a significant factor in the conversion rate campaigns will achieve. The data included, descriptions and images are assessed and compared with competitors and recommendations made to increase performance.
  7. Conversion optimisation: Whether your conversion is a phone call, a contact or registration form or a shopping cart process, we’ll assess those areas and make recommendations to increase the percentage of users who complete it.

Our User Experience Audit is delivered in plain English using contextual references to your competitors and other sites to help you make significant increases in conversion rates from visit to sale or enquiry.  In addition, the report can be given to your web designer to implement the recommendations you choose to adopt.

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