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Katah Events

Tillison has generated so many leads for us that we have had to turn off the campaigns to catch up.
– Ed Lewington – Event Director, Katah Events


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Lower cost per click in three months

The Challenge

Katah Events provides giant tipi marquees for events such as weddings, parties and corporate hospitality. The tipis can be configured to match the client’s exact requirements and can be erected in most locations to provide the perfect environment.

Ed initially got in touch with Tillison in 2015 as he was launching a new site and wanted some digital marketing experts to look after his online advertising moving forward.

The company already had a small Ads campaign running, but this was only bringing in a limited number of leads and the company had huge growth ambitions over the coming years.

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The Strategy

The initial work conducted by Tillison’s PPC specialists was to overhaul the current Ads campaign in order for them to get a better return on investment. This work consisted of structural changes to the account which gave it the foundations for future success. The other major change was to bring a remarketing campaign into the mix as we realised that the sales funnel for this product was pretty lengthy.

The Results

Within two months, the click-through rates were up from 1% to 16% – a massive 1,500% increase. This improved rate gave the campaign way more visibility and, just as importantly, more traffic and a big increase in leads. In fact, enquiries levels were so good that the campaign had to be turned off at one point so the company could manage their resources more effectively. In addition to this, the cost per click was halved over the first three months and this continued to drop over the next couple of years.

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