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Thanks to all at Tillison Consulting who assisted us, the statistics are well and truly up from this time last year and opportunities are coming thick and fast!
– James Ellis – Senior Sales Executive
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The Challenge

EasyBuild provides end-to-end construction financial and project accounting solutions for modern construction business, covering finance, commercial, project management and compliance.  Following the launch of their new website and a six-month stint utilising Google Ads, the EasyBuild team found themselves lacking the necessary leads for business growth. Consequently, they turned to Tillison Consulting to explore how we could assist them in achieving more substantial business expansion.

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The Strategy

After reviewing EasyBuild’s Ads campaign, Tillison’s PPC experts realised it needed a complete overhaul to reduce waste and get more high-intent traffic through to the site. They also looked at the whole user experience of the site and made numerous recommendations to help increase conversion rates.

Shortly after starting this project, SEO, Bing Ads and LinkedIn campaigns were added to increase EasyBuild’s share of the market.

The company’s brand awareness received a significant boost through digital press releases Tillison was also creating. Several media outlets featured the stories, amplifying EasyBuild’s presence on their platforms and exposing the business to a broader audience, all facilitated by our digital PR services.

The Results

At the start of this project, the click-through rate (CTR) was around 0.5%, but within the month it had climbed to 4.5%. This carried on increasing and, after six months, the CTR was up to 11%. Tracking was reconfigured and within six months the conversion costs were down by a staggering 85%, while conversion rates shot up 400%.

Organic traffic levels followed a similar path.  They improved by a modest 10% in the first few months but over the next 12 months increased by more than 65%, with goal completions up to more than 500%. With enquiries at an all-time high, Tillison also helped the company design and build a brand-new website.

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