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University of Portsmouth

Other institutions are known for having an MMath course but this is a new development for us. So far, we’ve had 41 applications for the MMath, which is really pretty good for a new course. Thanks to everybody at Tillison Consulting for their help and advice during this campaign.
– Emma Fraser – Student Recruitment Manager, University of Portsmouth


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The Challenge

Ranked among the top 25 universities in the UK according to the Guardian University Guide, the University of Portsmouth faced the challenge of promoting a newly introduced Master of Mathematics (MMath) course in a competitive academic landscape. With time running out, traditional marketing channels could only help so much, so the university asked our Education Digital Marketing Specialists to help give the campaign a boost. We devised an education marketing strategy that would give the course the exposure it needed by targeting an appropriate audience.


The Strategy

Our team designed a tailored strategy, meticulously defining the target audience. This strategic insight drove the creation of a three-month Facebook campaign featuring image and video ads, effectively directing traffic to the university’s website. Concurrently, a Google Ads campaign was launched, specifically targeting individuals searching for relevant courses. This dual approach provided the much-needed visibility for the new course, resulting in an unprecedented surge of applicants.

The Results

Although expectations were initially modest, the campaign exceeded all projections, with over 2,500 clicks to the university’s website, leading to more than 40-course sign-ups and numerous prospective students booking open-day visits. The Facebook campaign delivered impressive engagement, with over 2,200 website clicks, with the video Ad that we recommended garnering more than 4,000 Facebook views. Simultaneously, the Google Ads campaign achieved nearly 400 website clicks, boasting a click-through rate of over 5%.

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