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Smiffys Australia

The work on our campaigns has significantly improved the ROI, quickly having a positive impact on the cost per sale by improving the percentage of visitors who actually bought something during the visit to our site.The way Tillison Consulting works suits us perfectly – we have been happy to recommend them to our business contacts and will continue to do so.
– John Elston – Web Franchise Manager, Smiffys Australia


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The Challenge

Based in New South Wales, just outside of Sydney, Smiffys Australia delivers costumes & accessories across Australia with super-fast delivery and tracked services. Despite managing a Google Ads search campaign internally, the company faced challenges in optimising Return on Investment (ROI). The company needed to enhance the sales generated from its fancy dress outlet website within the allocated budget.

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The Strategy

The primary objective for the Tillison Pay Per Click team was to rectify the segments of Smiffys Australia’s Google Ads budget that were not yielding profitable sales. This was achieved by significantly improving the account structure and ensuring accurate implementation of tracking on the website to guarantee precise data.

Keyword targeting was vastly improved to focus the budget on search terms which demonstrated a much greater intent to purchase. Long-tailed keywords were targetted, as Google Analytics showed they were more likely to convert in to sales.

Once optimised and profitable, the strategy was extended to Bing paid search campaigns to attract additional traffic and sales from those search engines too.

The Results

Following campaign optimisation, expenditure remained consistent, but the budget delivered significantly improved outcomes for Smiffys Australia. There was a notable 26% reduction in the average cost per sale, accompanied by a 32% increase in the number of sales compared to the previous year’s results.

Continued optimisation of the PPC campaign has resulted in an expanded share of the search market. The campaign has now shifted its focus towards organic traffic, aiming to further enhance site visits and boost sales.

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