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I’ve been really happy with the results we’ve achieved in such a short space of time. The team has really engaged with our business and given us lots of feedback about the work they are doing and what we can do ourselves to improve results even further. There are significant changes in our industry right now. The digital strategy is critical to our ongoing success. Working with Tillison Consulting gives me confidence that we can move our business forward in these challenging circumstances.
– Paul Mulderrig – Managing Director, Mulderrigs


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The Challenge

Working with Tillison Consulting has been amazing, and the results and return on investment have been fantastic. From the outset, they were focused on our business needs and developed and delivered a digital marketing strategy that produced excellent results year on year.

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The Strategy

Tillison’s Google Ads Specialists had key objectives: increase Mulderrigs’ presence in the search market for its specialised areas in personal injury claims, elevating the quantity of high-value enquiries, and trimming the budget allocated to areas that failed to generate sustainable leads.

In addition to the Google Ads campaigns, Pay Per Click campaigns were used on both Bing and Yahoo as well!  The Tillison team also sought to extend the reach and influence of the Mulderrigs brand among a set of targeted businesses by making valuable connections using LinkedIn ads.

The Results

Our team’s optimisation of the Pay per Click campaigns on Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo networks increased the number of personal injury leads by more than 60%.

The click-through rate for Google Ads Search campaigns soared by an impressive 180%, achieved by enhancing traffic quality and refining ad text. Consequently, these improvements raised the Ads Quality Scores and slashed the average cost per click by 28%.

As a result of optimising Mulderrigs’ campaign, website, landing pages and content, the average cost per lead was reduced by 22%.

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