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Facebook PPC Services

Boost brand awareness with an effective Facebook PPC campaign

Our Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Agency Specialists deliver successful services to engage and grow audiences for businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes.

Our Facebook PPC Agency Services include the creation of targeted ad campaigns which are designed to drive relevant traffic to your Facebook page or website and increase your customer base. Although their primary objective for is to boost awareness of your brand, Facebook PPC campaigns are also a great opportunity to advertise enticing promotions and offers in ways you might simply not be able to on your website and therefore encourage more sales and enquiries.

Facebook PPC Advertising Review

Our social media management services always start with a Facebook PPC Advertising Review – either of your Facebook ads campaign if you’re already running one, or your business if you’ve not used the platform before and you’re unsure if it’s the most appropriate for achieving your objectives.

Totally free of charge, our Specialists will assess the goals behind your Facebook ads, and research the opportunities which are available to achieve those goals. Using our findings from your Facebook PPC Advertising Review, we will create, build and optimise a tailored Facebook PPC campaign for you and your business.

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Facebook PPC Fundamentals

Setting Objectives

The way our Specialists create and optimise your Facebook PPC campaign ultimately depends on what you want to achieve with it. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals, whether it’s to increase your brand reach, or generate more leads and sales.

Defining Your Audience

There is a myriad of different audience targeting options available for Facebook PPC campaigns, including age, gender, location, income and interests. We will help you to identify which of these targeting options are the most appropriate for your business.

Eye-Catching Visuals

You have an extremely limited amount of time to impress your target audience before they choose either to click on your ad or scroll past. We will incorporate great visuals – both still images and videos – and rotate them frequently to ensure your ad stands out in Facebook feeds.

Engaging Ad Copy

Having engaging and informative copy on your ad can enhance the performance of your Facebook PPC campaign by up to 10%. Our Specialists will write fresh ad copy and keep it updated to remain compelling, creative and appropriately tailored to your target audience.

Conversion Tracking

It is essential to set up conversion tracking so you can identify how your Facebook PPC campaign is contributing towards conversions. We will review key metrics to understand if there are any components of your campaign which can be optimised further.

Additional Targeting

There’s always places to take your Facebook PPC campaign further, and additional targeting options available. We can add custom audience targeting and remarketing onto your campaign to improve brand awareness and ultimately increase conversions.

3,700 website visits via Facebook PPC

The results that have been achieved have been extremely good. Over the summer period and into the autumn we created a large amount of enquiries and sign-ups for our events.

This has been our best year to date. We have been very happy with the event marketing work Tillison Consulting have delivered.

Gifty Enright – Events Director, Hercules Events

Our Facebook PPC Agency Promise

At Tillison Consulting we take pride in having an open and honest approach to our clients and projects. Before you spend a penny on our Facebook PPC Agency Services, we will analyse the marketing opportunities which realistically suit your budget and are most appropriate for your goals. If we don’t feel that Facebook is the best option for your business and what you want to achieve, we’ll make this clear to you.

Our team will work hard to continually increase the performance of your Facebook campaign, reporting the activity and results back to you regularly and continuing to invest in research so that you can take advantage of new opportunities as they emerge on Facebook.

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