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Most clinical research trials have ambitious targets and strict timelines for recruitment […] with the help of Tillison Consulting, the recruitment target for the LASER Trial has been achieved. I would recommend Tillison to other businesses & public sector organisations

Dr William Storrar – Trial Coordinator, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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A Powerful Platform That Surges Sales

Twitter has become more than just a social network – it is now an incredibly powerful platform to drive brand awareness, engagement and ultimately sales from your target audience.

Our Twitter PPC Advertising campaigns are tailored to increase your customer base by driving relevant traffic to your Twitter profile or website, with ads optimised through an intricate process of keyword and tweet engager targeting.

Twitter Ads are also a great opportunity to advertise enticing promotions and offers in ways you might simply not be able to on your website, offering your target audience more of an incentive to visit your site and go ahead with a purchase or enquiry.

We Simplify Twitter Ads Management

Depending on your Twitter advertising goals, there are a number of strategies available. Firstly, you should choose whether increasing engagement is more important than web traffic.

We can run your campaigns to increase followers, to increase engagement, or to drive traffic to your website. We can also promote your account or choose for a specific tweet to appear in users’ feeds.

Twitter charges each time a user completes your target action (on a cost per click, a cost per engagement, or a cost per follower basis). We will work with you to determine how much to bid for these actions.

Delivering Results via Twitter Ads

Reaching recruitment target with NHS

Our Twitter Ads Management service helped the Portsmouth NHS reach its recruitment target. We can do the same for you.

NHS Portsmouth Case Study

Twitter Ads Management Fundamentals

What to expect from our experts

Keyword Targeting

Twitter Ads keyword targeting can help you engage users tweeting about specific topics or around particular hashtags. Our team will identify the terms which users include in their tweets and integrate them into campaigns.

Interest Categories

Twitter maintains a list of interest categories which can be targeted with ads – fashion, sports, health, music and more. Depending on your budget, we can use these to create campaigns targeting a broader audience.

Follower Targeting

Twitter Ads can be targeted at your own followers or followers of another account, such as that of a competitor. We can combine these audiences to help you reach the people who are likely to be interested in your content.

Geographic Targeting

Campaigns can be created with a geographic setting, allowing us to target whole countries, regional areas, and even specific postcodes. This targeting strategy is especially useful for geographically orientated businesses.

Tailored Audiences

We can target tailored audiences using your email and CRM lists to create a high level of engagement from an audience who already trusts your brand. Twitter offers a powerful option to expand this list to similar users.

Ads Retargeting

Ads Retargeting on Twitter boosts brand trust and returning traffic to your site. We will target users who have recently visited your site in a bid to direct them back to your site and ultimately increase conversions.

Our Twitter Ads Management Promise

Before you use our Twitter PPC advertising services, our specialists will analyse the marketing opportunities which realistically suit your budget.

If we feel that Twitter isn’t the most effective tool for achieving your goals, then we’ll recommend you some alternative Social Media PPC opportunities.

Our team will work hard to optimise the performance of your Twitter Ads campaign and report the campaign’s activity and results back to you regularly. We will also continue to invest in researching new targeting opportunities to help you stay ahead of your competition.

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