Why Your AdWords Ads Suddenly Disappeared from Google

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Google has been tinkering. Again.

We’ve had a few clients just recently whose ads stopped showing on Google pretty much overnight, costing hundreds of pounds on lost revenue every single day. Why?

Quality Score has reared its head again. Google is seeking the very best experience for its customer – not only now will Google place your ads in higher positions and charge you less per click for being relevant, but is now also aggressively excluding ads for which landing pages and sites are not relevant enough.

This won’t happen to everyone at once though. You’re waiting for the Google bot to come along to your site, make the analysis and then you’ll discover if you’re a victor, or a victim.

To overcome this, your site must satisfy Google’s quality score criteria. Easier said than done, as Google doesn’t publish the precise method it uses to calculate the quality score. However, there are a few clear areas that you can address to improve this;

  • Relevance, relevance, relevance.
  • Wherever possible, make sure that the keyword that you’re bidding on is included in the ad(s) in your ad group.
  • The quality score includes an element of your historic Click Through Rate (CTR) for each individual keyword, each ad group and each campaign throughout your account.
  • More importantly, Google is now even more focused on landing page quality, it’s relevance to the subject matter, how many times the keyword is mentioned, the quantity of text on the page, the quantity of pages and text on the site itself which are relevant to the keywords.
  • Another element to consider is that Google really wants UNIQUE content, so there’s not so much value in just copying text from other sites – you need to create your own. It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise to the customer.

To address this easily, consider increasing the amount of content on your landing pages, adding a blog, FAQ section(s) or a forum to your site.

This won’t be an overnight fix – you’ll still need the Google bot to re-evaluate your site when it finally arrives. And again, unfortunately, there’s no fixed frequency as to when this will happen.

Google is a content monster. And it’s hungry!

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