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5 Ways to Improve AdWords Quality Score

You will have heard our industry and Google spouting “Quality Score” stats and importance, but it’s one of the elements of AdWords that confuses clients and coaching delegates the most.

So what is AdWords Quality score and what can you do to improve it?

Your keywords’ quality score is equally as important as the maximum cost per click (CPC) when deciding where your ad will be ranked. Google decides your ad position using this multiplier – Quality Score x Max CPC.

5 Things you should know about the AdWords Quality Score

  • When you first upload a keyword, it will be given an average quality score for that keyword over Google’s networks.
  • The single largest factor in the Quality Score Statistic is the historic Click Through Rate (CTR). This affects the Quality Score at all levels in an account (keyword, ad group, campaign and account). Therefore, a keyword’s individual quality score can be affected if the rest of your account is performing poorly (or well, of course).
  • The relevance of the Ad Text and Landing Page content to the keyword will improve Quality Score.
  • Landing page load time will affect Quality Score too – time to sort out that web host and remove those huge images that take ages to load!
  • If your keyword does not have enough traffic to reach a threshold (unhelpfully, Google doesn’t define this threshold), this can reduce the Quality Score.

5 Ways to Improve Your AdWords Quality Score

  • Use dynamic keyword insertion in your ads to make them as relevant as possible. Dynamic keyword insertion only works if your keyword has a quality score of greater than 3.
  • Group highly relevant keywords together to keep the traffic high for each Ad Group.
  • Where possible, make highly specific landing pages for your keywords.
  • Delete or pause poorly performing keywords, or move them to more relevant ad groups with more relevant ads, landing on more relevant landing pages.
  • Try adding phrase and / or broad match variations of exact match keywords you are bidding on to increase traffic volume.
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