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5 Foolproof Tips for Writing Click-Worthy PPC Ad Copy

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Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most important resources available to any companies operating in the online sphere. It has its drawbacks, but it also has a host of undeniable positives.

It’s quite easy to go wrong along the process, with a lot of cryptic elements which can be hard to master. One of the key elements to get right when it comes to PPC is the advertising itself. The ads will determine to a large extent how much traffic you garner and will help you adjust your policy on PPC rates and other important decisions as you go.

Here are five tips on making sure that you write compelling and click-worthy PPC ad copy.

1. Continually revise your copy

Writing good copy is an art form, and it can take you a good amount of time just to get your first PPC ad published. Writing and re-writing involves intensive research and multiple processes of trial and error. However, getting into the mindset that all of the work happens before the advert is published is the wrong way to think about your work.

PPC is a potentially costly route to take your marketing and it is vital that you know what you are getting for every penny spent. You have to be ready to adjust the copy based on what feedback and data you’ve received in response to the initial push.

2. Don’t overload with keywords

When writing for online advertising of any kind, it can be tempting to push what you perceive to be the best keywords to the absolute max. Promoting keywords which relate to your company, brand or products is important but piling the keywords on – a practice known in the marketing industry as ‘keyword stuffing’ – is ineffective.

There are two main reasons why it doesn’t work like that, warns Afzal Hajid, marketer at Essayroo. “When you stack keywords in advertising you risk, firstly, losing the interest of your audience who are too conscious of the fact that you are patronising them through your keyword use.

“Secondly, search engines and other web hosting services are taught how to identify lazy copy and SEO, by punishing over-use of keywords.

3. Have well-written copy

The actual quality of your ad copy is not solely dependent on how effectively optimised it is for digital marketing purposes. There’s also a big emphasis on the standard of prose, relating to issues like grammar, syntax and spelling.

This can be a tough area, so here are some tools to make sure your PPC ad copy is the best it can be:

  • SimpleGrad and StudyDemic both offer plenty of advice for how to go about nailing your use of grammar in PPC ads – a real marker of professionalism.
  • Academized and UK Writing Services Reviews are editing tools which will really help you guarantee quality before distributing your work.
  • AustralianReviewer and Research Papers will give you some proofreading advice and aid. It can be really difficult to pick up on the little typos, so these tools will get that covered for you.

4. Create a compelling call to action

Adverts need to go somewhere – it’s not enough that they should simply exist in their own sphere and be left at that. In this instance you want a click, but you don’t just want any sort of click – you want a motivated and purposeful click.

The best way to achieve this is to include a call to action in your copy. This could be anything, depending on your product or service, from ‘Listen Now’ to ‘Shop Now’ to ‘Get A Quote’. Anything works really, but its presence makes a huge difference in terms of getting concrete results from your PPC campaign.

5. Know the product, know the people

This is a lot easier said than done. PPC borders on being on a total waste of time for your business if you try to set up a campaign without the necessary market research. As a PPC ad copy writer, you may just be a cog in the advertising machine, but it’s still vital that you understand the company you work for and the target audience like the back of your hand.

Pay-per-click advertising can bring companies seriously beneficial results, with a satisfyingly organised payment plan and not too much work. However, it all hinges on the quality of the ad. Simply getting clicks isn’t enough – your copy has to get concrete results for your business or brand.

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Chloe Bennet is a book marketer and blogger at eliteassignmenthelp.com and studentwritingservices.com, as a well as a proofreader at topcanadianwriters.com. She loves writing about books, reviewing the latest releases and helping create a book buzz.

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