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6 Video Marketing Tips to Produce a Successful Video for Your Brand

Video Marketing Tips - Tillison Consulting

Nowadays, videography is a hugely popular aspect of online marketing. Including video marketing as part of your marketing strategy will massively help to drive leads to your website.

To successfully use video marketing in your marketing strategy, here are six tips to produce a successful video. Let’s take a look!

1. Make it relevant to your audience

Understanding your audience is critical while developing a marketing video. Customers respond to videos that they can relate to. You need to know your target audience inside and out to create a video that best appeals to them. For instance, if you’re creating a video aimed at children, then you should make use of animation to grab their attention.

2. Be creative

Needless to say, there’s no shortage of videos on the web. So, in order to stand out, you should put some creative thought into your videos. Incorporating elements such as comedy or suspense is a great way to grab your audience’s attention and engage with them.

3. Invest in production

Production value is a critical factor when it comes to video-making. The video quality doesn’t need to be along the lines of a Hollywood movie, but it should be better than a video recorded on a smartphone. Quality cameras and proper casting are key in adding professionalism to your videos.

4. Give your video a compelling start

According to a study, roughly 20% of viewers click away from a marketing video after just ten seconds of viewing. Your videos need to grab their attention from the very beginning, in order for your viewers to follow through to the end.

5. Consider your video’s focal point

A video that’s focused on sales and numbers will make your audience doze off. These types of sale-focused videos aren’t attractive. Hinging your video on a relateable and robust story will invoke emotions and allow your audience to relate to your brand properly.

6. Promote on social media

You also have to consider how you’re going to promote your video. There are tons of ways of doing this, but the best way is through social media. Promoting your videos on social media results in higher engagement rates. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are some of the best online platforms for video marketing.

If you want further coaching on video marketing for your business, we have other posts like How to Use Video in Marketing and Video Marketing for Fundraising, so why not check them out?

Author Bio:

A father of two and obsessed with technology, Shawn Marshall is a professional digital marketer. He regularly shares his bright ideas on topics such as digital comics on Square Ship.

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