How to Use Video in Marketing

In this live T-Time show, Mark Tillison is joined by video guy Mark Harman, sharing tips and advice on how to use video in marketing.

They cover some of the most common questions they get asked by business owners, with some of the more detailed questions being saved for a future show.

What Do We Put in a Video?

2:00 Frequently asked questions is a good start. Use video to answer the questions that are being asked by your customers.Telling your customers what they want to know will engage them and help them to connect to your brand. This also helps you to stand out as an expert at what you do and to become recognisable.

Which Platform Should We Use?

6:07 The platform to use really depends on the kind of audience. However, a good starting point is to get stuck in with YouTube to learn the benefits of the video. Then look into other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

7:43 There are many other platforms to look at, a couple are Vimeo Pro Now and Wistia. With so many could our video platforms be the TV channel of the future?

10:15 There is no best platform for everyone. So a strong word of advice is, like social media, pick one platform and do that well rather than spreading your efforts across multiple platforms. Concentrate on where your audience are.

How Much Does a Video Cost?

11:26 How long is a piece of string? Small business, in particular, need to be aware of their budget which should be the starting point. Don’t forget there are also ways, like this show, of getting your message out there for free too.

It is important to think of what you are trying to achieve and the results you want to get before spending money. Also, ask around and get some advice from someone who knows about video to get the best results for your budget.

Want to know in pounds how much a video costs? The answer is in the show, take a look.

Small Business Video Marketing Tips

15:44 Just start making those videos and talking about your business. Don’t be put off by the camera. People aren’t focusing on you but the on the content.

17:40 Once made, share the videos on your social media platforms. You will gain followers who will eventually engage with you and request videos.

18:27 Make a thumbnail for your video. This helps with brand consistency for your business.

19:14 Don’t make videos over 2 minutes long, people start to switch off after about 1.5 minutes. This can vary on where the audience is coming from.

21:45 As with any content remember your audience and define who you are talking to and how to talk to them and always invite them to ask questions.

We hope you have found How to Use Video in Marketing useful. If you have questions please put them in the comments and we will try and answer them for you.

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