8 Instagram Updates You Don’t Want to Miss

Instagram have been going through some major changes this year from new and improved features to a change in their algorithm. These new Instagram updates and features will change the way you use the app, so make sure you’re keeping up with all the latest news.

Instagram Update #1

Instagram gives users the ability to share 60-second videos

Instagram have released two video updates to the platform – the ability to share up to 60-second videos and create videos out of multiple clips from your camera roll on iOS.

The new update will also give Instagramers more powerful editing tools as well as bringing back the ability to make videos out of multiple clips for iOS users.

Instagram Update #2

Keep calm and don’t turn on notifications

Changes to Instagram’s algorithm will present photos out of chronological order, but users should not rush to change their preferences just yet.

According to a blog post by Instagram, the company will be changing your main feed to show you things that you’ll care about first so there’s no need to turn on notifications for every feed you follow.

Instagram Update #3

The more the merrier

If you use more than one Instagram account, you can now switch back and forth between them without having to sign out each time.

You can have up to 6 accounts which is great for businesses and digital marketers who keep having to remember numerous usernames and passwords.

Instagram Update #4

Sign up via Desktop

You can now create a new Instagram account via desktop. This should be helpful for businesses and digital marketers who open up new accounts for clients.
instagram updates

Instagram Update #5

Video view count

Similar to Facebook, you can now see how many times your video has been viewed. This will appear below video posts where likes would normally appear.

If you wish to see how many likes a video had you just need to tap the view count. Instagram have said that it’s giving priority to views because “it’s the best way to show how the community is engaging with video.”

Instagram Update #6

Instagram updates logo

In May, Instagram unveiled their new logo but opinions are very mixed. The new design was announced via a blog post and also a short introductory film.

We quite like it compared to the retro-looking camera, what do you think?

instagram updates


Instagram Update #7

The controversial algorithm change is here!

In March, Instagram announced they will soon be making changes to the news feed algorithm. This is said to be one of the biggest Instagram updates of 2016 and in May, they began to roll out these major changes.

Now instead of listing your feed chronologically – with the newest posts appearing first – Instagram will now rank posts based on popularity, using a new complex algorithm, similar to Facebook.

Instagram Update #8

Instagrams new video carousel ads

Instagram have recently rolled out swipeable carousel advertisements. This will allow advertisers to share up to five separate videos with just one single purchase. Instagram have recently also allowed for longer videos as each of the videos can now be up to a minute long.

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