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Facebook News – Dislike Button, War Against Amazon and Facebook Slideshow Ads

Facebook Slideshow Ads

This Facebook News update includes the latest news on the ‘Dislike’ button, how Facebook are taking on Amazon, the trillions of Facebook posts being added to search results and Facebook’s all new Slideshow Ads.

The Closest Thing to a ‘Dislike’ Button We’ll Get

“Reactions, a new feature for Facebook’s ubiquitous Like button, which allows you to respond to posts with an emoji will go live for some Facebook users this month, the company announced Thursday.”

This new reactions feature for Facebook is simply just an extension to the Like button. It will work on any posts on Facebook where you see the Like button. When hovering over the button with your mouse it will open up a panel with six different emoticons which you can add to the post.

Unfortunately if you live somewhere that isn’t Ireland or Spain you won’t be able to test out this feature for a while yet as it’s only currently available in those two countries.

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Facebook is Introducing a Shopping Section in its Mobile App

“Facebook is introducing a shopping section in its mobile app within the same menu as its Events and Groups offerings, as the social network looks to take on Amazon in the growing mobile commerce sector.”

Facebook are planning to take on Amazon with ‘one click’ mobile shopping. The new tool will let users click on an ad from a clothing shop, for example, and see an expanded list of products which they can then buy right on the spot.

Facebook is hoping that this new tool will result in much higher mobile purchases. It will also boost their worldwide mobile ad revenue, which is already at $12.52 billion this year.

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Trillions of Facebook Posts Added to Search Results

“The company is going one step further and indexing the entirety of Facebook’s 2 trillion posts and making them searchable.”

Facebook has indexed almost two trillion posts put on the site by its members to make it easier for people to find them. The changes that Facebook has introduced will mean members of the social network will now also see posts by strangers, alongside those from news organisations and people closest to them.

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Facebook Are Now Offering a Bandwidth-Friendly Alternative to Their Video Ads

“The social network has hit upon a new way to deliver ads that are more engaging than static images but far lighter on bandwidth”

This new ad format will allow advertisers to upload three to seven still images, add text, links, and set up a slideshow up to 12 seconds maximum. These new Facebook slideshow ads will be up to five times smaller in file size compared to video ads which are of the same length.

As well as that it will also provide similar analytics as it currently does with videos.

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