5 Common Digital Marketing Myths in 2021

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You did it! You have a new website and you want to show it off to the world. You’d like to implement a digital marketing strategy, but where do you start? When it comes to digital marketing there are countless avenues you can take, all with their pros and cons. However, be careful not to be lured down the wrong path. You should always be aware of common digital marketing myths and misconceptions.

Let’s take a look at some of these to help you build your digital marketing efforts to get you on your way to online success:

1. I’ve built my website so there’s no need to update it

This is never the case. Search algorithms and new ways to create content are constantly being updated throughout the internet, it’s easy for your website to become lost and forgotten in the vastness of the world wide web. Google loves new content and is always on the lookout for fresh updates.

As you would always want to update the look and feel of your website, remember to always keep up to date with what’s happening behind the scenes of it too. SEO is paramount to any websites’ success and without it, you can expect yours to rank poorly on search engines. Constantly updating and optimising your pages with great SEO will help your website attract the organic traffic it deserves.

Doing this will also help you to stay in the know with the ever-changing algorithms Google likes to bestow upon us, so you can then perform regular tests for trending and relatable search terms, new quality content, better target audience and more. This is all very beneficial for your website’s ranking and business as a whole. Keep updating, it will ultimately help your website stand the test of time.

2. Receiving negative comments on social media is never good

There is a lot of stigma about receiving negative comments on social media but if and when you do, it is an opportunity you should grab with both hands. Although it’s not the engagement you were hoping for, you can turn it into a positive by simply addressing the situation with an informative and thoughtful reply. Include an option for them to contact you alternatively by calling you or emailing you. You’d be surprised how different someone can be when speaking to a real person.

Your business is your pride and joy and you want to show that to your audience. Users tend to respond more positively when they are recognised. This will help show the transparency and efficiency of your business and ultimately help build the loyalty of your brand.

Keep in mind all engagement on social media is good engagement, it all depends on how you deal with it.

3. SEO is dead

Quite the opposite. SEO is very much alive and continuously evolving. In 2019 93% of online experiences started with a search engine and 70-80% of users ignore paid ads with organic links getting 70% of all clicks. SEO is now more important, and more complex than ever before.

Some older practices such as simple keyword optimisation have become lost in the long list of tasks surrounding it today. In 2019 and onwards, it’s good to get your head around the many new options available to you and your business.

Building a great SEO strategy is paramount to your websites’ success. With the right time and effort put in, you will see the benefits SEO can provide for your online presence. 

Get started by setting up your business on Google My Business (GMB).

Local organic traffic

4. I can get quicker results without digital marketing

Digital marketing is a labour of love and with the many options available to use (Social Media, PPC, GoogleAds, SEO, etc.) along with the work involved for each, it’s easy to think why you’d get quicker results without it.

From 2020 onwards the use of services such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, PCC campaigns and more are very quick to set up and have the potential in bringing you a good source of revenue. This revenue can then be spent on long term tactics, such as SEO optimisation, Social Media campaigns, etc… We can help you set those up in the best way possible.

Alternatively, paid online adverts can be an effective and quick way to generate results online, whether that’s through social media, email marketing or elsewhere.

Although it does take time to generate results through digital marketing be sure to keep up to date with the latest Digital Marketing statistics to know whats going to work best. The end results will be extremely beneficial to you and your business. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and with more users online than ever before it’s time to get your business noticed in the right places.

5. Customers do not convert through mobile

Customers will convert through mobile if you make it so they can. In this fast-paced era where mobile devices are the quickest and easiest way to find information by using smaller screens and shorter processes, it can sometimes be a challenge to create a mobile conversion.

Users are less likely to fill out the small fields for a desktop form on their mobile device. Ways around this include creating a more simplified mobile form or introducing a cross-device ‘add to basket’ integration through a sign-up system. Google has recently introduced a lead form extension allowing users to provide contact information directly through your advert in the SERPs, eliminating the need for users to visit your mobile site to convert.

If you have an eCommerce store then it’s also a good idea to streamline this process as much as possible. Fewer fields and obvious spaces for the user to input their vital information will keep the level of customer experience where you want it. Put yourself in their shoes.

Always be aware of these common digital marketing myths

The five points we have mentioned in this article only scrape the surface on common digital marketing myths. There are countless marketing misconceptions that get shrouded with false information, so it’s always best to make sure you do your research before you start your digital marketing journey.

Digital marketing can be confusing but very rewarding. Algorithms and search engines are continuously updating creating a list of challenges for your online presence. 

You should always embrace these challenges and look deeper into so-called digital marketing myths, as they aren’t always what they seem! In this modern era it is crucial for your business to make its mark online.

Not everything you hear is true, if you would like some real, friendly advice on SEO, PPC, social media or just general digital marketing, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Tillison Consulting. 

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