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Effective Engagement On Twitter

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Twitter is a fantastic two-way communication platform. If you reach out people will respond. However, tweeting is a balancing act.

In order to get the balance right, you should follow this simple rule.

20% – 30% – 50%

20% of the tweets you put out should be promotional. These are tweets about offers, promotions, competitions or just general ‘buy from us’ type tweets.

30% of the tweets you should put out should be informative. By informative I mean they can be tweets about your industry, links to news stories related to your industry, facts about your products/services. The tweets need to be interesting but not salesy.

50% of the tweets you put out need to be engaging. Whilst it is true to say that promotional posts and information posts can be engaging, this 50% needs to be all about your followers. Use this opportunity to show the perosnality of your business, make followers feel valued and involved by asking questions, showing them pictures and making them laugh.

The most important thing to remember when tweeting as a business though is to have a consistence brand voice. This can be cheeky, authoritative, fun, light hearted, serious, whatever, but in order for your audience to build trust it must be consistent.

Types of Tweets

These are a few examples of the types of tweets you can send to engage your audience. Whilst the examples below are all about cakes, you should be able to see how you can apply them to your business. Also be aware that just because something is a question tweet doesn’t mean it can’t be promotional, much like a info tweet doesn’t have to just be informative. It’s all about it’s content.

Ask Questions – get your audience involved

“ I can’t decide what to have for lunch. Should it be Chocolate Fudge? Victoria Sponge? Or Lemon Drizzle? Most tweets wins!”
“If you could have any cake in the world delivered to you right now, what would it be?”

Twitter loves quotes

“You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake – Bob Hope”
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

Promotional Tweets

“Spring Sale: 25% off all boxes of cupcakes. Just quote SPRING12 when placing your order”
“FLASH SALE – 20% of all orders placed between 2-4pm”

Informational Tweets – Tell us about it!

“Did you know all our cakes can be made gluten free or dairy free? Dietary requirements, just ask!”
“Want a slice of cake heaven? Check out this incredible board on Pinterest http://pinterest.com/flouronmyface/cake-love/ 

Tweets with links in them have an 86% higher chance of being clicked

Tweets which include pictures or links to blogs and websites are fantastic for engagement because as human beings we are nosey by nature. If you have gone to the effort of including a link to something, we want to see it!

When To Tweet

There are no set times for Twitter success but use your brain and think about when you use Twitter because I bet everyone else is doing it then too. 1st thing in the morning is good for imparting information but not so hot on getting an immediate reaction, going home time users want to be entertained so show them something amusing or light hearted, then at lunch, tea breaks an trips to the toilet you can do what you like. Weekends, too. Weekends are a great time to tweet, especially if your business is B2C because weekends are when consumers are open to inspiration and are ready to spend money. You need to think when will your Twitter followers be active, this is the time to post.

When ever you tweet just remember that in real time is best especially if you are asking questions – tweeters want answers!

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