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August 2021 Round-Up

August 2021 Roundup

August was the month of the Olympics, and Great Britain managed to come 4th in the medals table, with 22 gold medals in total which was a fantastic achievement. Our congratulations go out to every single one of our Olympians who worked so hard to compete in this amazing event.

What’s new with Tillison Consulting? Well, we’ve continued to welcome new clients and produce excellent results for our clients across SEO, PPC and CRO. We’ve also been featured in the Portsmouth News.  We’ve also created some amazing content this month.

We also launched our Digital PR Agency Services!

Your Guide To Launching A New Website

Launching a new website can be a stressful period, and there’s a lot of things you need to remember and consider: what day you should launch it on, how to build up the hype, testing and more. Remember, we’re a web design agency, so we can help you if you have any questions.

Our guide to launching new websites is here to help you through the process, and ensure your website launches as smoothly as possible to ensure that your business and customers have the best experience possible when launching. 

How You Can Fix Your Facebook Ads

Optimising Facebook Ads can be a tricky challenge that takes time. You don’t want all your hard effort to go to waste if you don’t get the clicks, impressions or conversions, so we’re here to help. 

Our guide to optimising your Facebook ads takes you through the process step by step, from creating custom audiences to improving your bidding strategy to creating engaging content to testing. 

PPC Marketing for the Education Sector

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is essential, if challenging, strategy for the education sector. It can help improve visibility on a local and national level, as well as providing leads and instant results. 

PPC for education can also be an uphill struggle against high competition and high costs, but our guide to PPC for the education sector is here to help you on your journey. From how to target the right people to remarketing, you’ll know how to avoid the pitfalls of PPC campaigns when executing one.

Google Ads’ New Cryptocurrencies Policy

Since 2018, using Google Ads to advertise cryptocurrency has been prohibited by Google. This, however, changed this month when Google changed its policy and started to allow ads for Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets, as long as the businesses are in the United States. 

While it’s not yet known if the changes will extend to other regions, we may see more exciting news related to Google Ads policy on cryptocurrencies in the future. Read our blog to find out more details about the changes. 

Guten Tag to Gutenberg 11.2

WordPress‘s official editing tool, Gutenberg received an update this month. Now you have access to a whole host of new features, from search blocks, being able to customise their colour and shape, to more customisation features for pull quote blocks. 

For a list of the new features, and to see which bugs from Gutenberg 11.2 have been fixed already, check out our post on the story. 

Team Tillison in the News

The Portsmouth News featured Team Tillison this month, showcasing our wonderful team and letting us explain the importance of digital marketing in the current climate. 

In an interview, Mark, our MD, explained the importance of digital marketing for all firms, large and small, and how many firms kept going during the pandemic thanks to digital marketing, as well as plans to provide more options for smaller, local businesses as well as larger ones. Team Tillison wants to help businesses large and small future-proof.

What’s Next?

August may not have given us the heatwave we were expecting, but the weather has been pleasant for the school holidays. September brings us Brighton SEO, the start of autumn and exciting new challenges for our team. 

Team Tillison are looking ahead to continue researching new techniques at the forefront of digital marketing to deliver excellent results for our clients!  

We’re also introducing our WooCommerce Design Agency Services!

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