Guten Tag To Gutenberg 11.2

It’s a good day for all the WordPress lovers out there as they have announced the release of Gutenburg 11.2.

Packed with numerous bug fixes to improve style options and provide faster performance WordPress Gutenburg 11.2 is one not to miss.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the WordPress official editing tool. Designed with drag and drop tools to create a seamless and easy website building experience for all users.

The code is embedded into WordPress which means publishers don’t have to worry about fiddling with complicated and troublesome code. Gutenberg uses a ‘block’ analogy where the user adds their content block by block to their webpage. You can add blocks for headings, columns, images, tweets and just about anything you could imagine you would need to build a great website.

What changes have been made?

A majority of the updates are to fix bugs and to improve customisable options. Let’s look at them a little closer.

Search blocks

Adding a search block to your WordPress site allows visitors to search around your site. With the Gutenberg 11.2 update, users have more customisation options, mostly with block colours and the search box border. You can see examples below:


These are important updates to allow users to edit their search bars to fit into the style of their website.


Following on the same theme, Gutenberg 11.2 has added more colour and broader customisation to the pullquotes block. This block is used when you want to add quotes to your website and want to make them stand out. The new update has allowed users to choose from more colours and choose what style of the border they want. WordPress has commented on the update: 

“The pullquote block’s color options have also expanded. There are now more distinct options for setting background, text and link colours. Border support has been expanded to allow selection of a border style, color and width.”

This upgrade helps important information look more prominent and in context with the rest of the website design.


WordPress has also announced that they have fixed the following bugs with the Gutenberg 11.2 update:

  • Allow authors to select images that were uploaded by others.
  • Fixed code to prevent layout shift.
  • Fixed theme and plugin incompatibility bugs in the Widget Editor.
  • Improved code quality.

Gutenberg 11.2 has also improved the quality of performance with loading speed down to 8.48 seconds versus the 8.54 seconds users saw in Gutenberg 11.1. The keypress event metric has also improved from 38.17ms to 37.89ms.


Will you be upgrading to Gutenberg 11.2? Let us know what you think @teamtillison or call us to chat about your WordPress site. Happy WordPress-ing!

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