The Top 5 Tillison Posts of 2017


This hot edition of our ‘‘Marketing News’’ centres around Tillison’s top 5 posts of 2017! With the year quickly coming to a head soon, we thought we should definitely do a roundup of Tillison Consulting’s most popular blog posts. Hot off the press, are you ready for the countdown?

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5) Our fifth most favoured blog post was: ‘Which eCommerce Platform is the best choice?’ Our readers were clearly dying to know which eCommerce platform to use for their businesses, with the post discussing in-depth – the top five big boys in eCommerce platforms and what they’re best for:

4) The fourth most popular article of 2017 is: The Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes (and how to avoid them too!). This post teaches you how to avoid budget sapping, the serious mistakes made by start-up businesses and even by the big boys too! The post explores:

3) Tillison Consulting’s third hottest blog post of 2017 is: The Ultimate Guide To Twitter Symbols! Whilst this is one of our most recent posts written this summer by Laura Driver, it racked up thousands of page views within weeks of going live. In this fantastic post, Laura talks about:

  • The Hashtag.
  • The @ Symbol.
  • The Twitter Retweet.
  • The Twitter ‘Like’.

2) At number 2, is the famed Google Adwords Double Serving! Rather than be written like a typical blog post, a story unfolds as Mark Tillison explains all about Google AdWords Double Serving and his personal experience with it when working with a client… we’re sure you’re wanting to know what Mark’s tale is! The story reveals:

  • The Google AdWords ‘‘Double Serving’’ Policy And How It Doubles As A Strategy.
  • What Happens When Sites Are Double Serving Google AdWords ads.
  • The Outcome Of Using Google AdWords Double Serving.
  • What Happened When Mark Worked With A Client Using Google AdWords Double Serving.

1) Without further ado, coming in right at number 1 is Direct / None in Google Analytics (and how to fix it!). This winner secures the top spot and it’s not hard to see why. In this massively popular post, Mark Tillison discusses:

  • What Direct / None In Google Analytics Means.
  • What Causes Direct / None in Google Analytics.
  • What You Can Do To Fix It.
  • How To Regain Visibility Of Traffic Sources In Google Analytics.

There you have it! The top 5 blog posts of 2017 – did it surprise you? Stay tuned for what 2018 will bring at Tillison Consulting!

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