The Latest Google Page Experience Update Rolls Out on Desktop

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After completing the mobile rollout, the latest Google Page Experience update is finally being rolled out on desktop. It’s stated that the update will continue to be rolled out over several weeks and fully complete by the end of March 2022. Any new Google update has the potential to throw a monkey wrench into your technical SEO so we’ve got you covered with all you need to know.

What is Google’s Page Experience Update?

The Page Experience updates primarily affect ranking signals and the Core Web Vitals metrics. These are signals like the HTTPS connection that ensures your website has a secure connection and the absence of page elements that block the user’s view of the main page content.

A new report has been added to Google Search Console alongside this update. In the Experience section of the sidebar, users can navigate to the Page Experience tab which will inform you on how your website is performing in the areas this new update affects. Best to keep an eye on this report over the coming month as the update is being rolled out.

How will the update affect your website?

This update will affect how your website and pages are assessed by Google before they are shown in desktop search results. If you’ve been checking your page scores for Mobile using the handy PageSpeed tool, you should have a good idea of how well the desktop version of your page will fair after the new update has rolled out. The difference is, the desktop version of this update does not take ‘Mobile Friendliness’ into account. This means you could receive a ranking boost for your page that your mobile version won’t get.


Google has stated that this update won’t be too drastic so there’s no need to panic over your current ranking positions plummeting. Overall the update is focused on ensuring a great user experience across the board for Google searches. Keep an eye on the new Google Search Console report and your page speed optimisation to make sure your pages are ship-shape!

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