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Thanks to all at Tillison Consulting who assisted us, the statistics are well and truly up from this time last year and opportunities are coming thick and fast!”

James Ellis – Senior Sales Executive, EasyBuild

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Find your website slipping down the search results and don't know why?

Are your website’s technical issues letting down the rest of your digital marketing strategy?  Our technical SEO experts can get you up to speed. 

Get your website into shape with our technical SEO audit

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO involves enhancing your website and server setups to assist search engines in efficiently crawling and indexing your site.

This optimisation aims to improve the effectiveness of these processes.

If you encounter challenges in your technical SEO, corresponding issues will likely arise in:

Technical SEO Specialists

Benefit from our expert’s extensive technical SEO experience. They will proficiently analyse and address your challenges. We are here to assist, regardless of the complexity of your concerns, which may include:

Incorporating optimal technical SEO practices positions you favorably against competitors

Technical SEO Fundamentals

What should you expect when working with a technical SEO agency

Mobile SEO

Providing a fast, smooth experience for mobile users is vital because of the constantly-growing number of mobile searches. We’ll look at your site and suggests ways to make it more mobile-friendly. 


Giving your users a secure and private experience is vital, so our experts will help ensure that your site is secure and follows HTTPS protocols.  

Site Migration

Reduce the risk of impact on your site performance and visibility when migrating your site to a new CMS or domain

Page Speed and Core Web Vitals

Slow websites drive users away, so ensuring that your website loads as quickly as possible is a key part of technical SEO. Our experts will look at your site and work with you to improve its loading time.  They will also check to see if it passes Google’s Core Web Vitals, and recommend changes. 

page speed optimisation


Enabling search engines to access your website’s pages is key to ranking. This means you have to consider things like their crawl budget, indexation and your sitemaps. Our technical SEO experts can advise you on what to do to improve your website’s crawlability. 

Site Structure

Your website’s structure is crucial to its performance, so we’ll examine it and make recommendations so that you can improve the structure to give users and crawlers a better experience. This includes things like crawl depth, managing broken links and redirects and URL structure. 

Technical SEO Results

Organic traffic increased by more than 65%

Our technical SEO services saw EasyBuilds website rankings increase within the search results as well as an improved mobile user experience

Easy Build - WordPress Page Speed Optimisation Service

Why Choose Us as Your Technical SEO Agency

We will comprehensively review your entire website, conduct an audit, and effectively address any technical challenges we identify. Whether these concerns pertain to site speed, mobile user-friendliness, site structure, or any other issue, we are equipped to tackle them. Leveraging our extensive experience, we will meticulously identify even the most minor issues to enhance your website’s well-being, functionality, and presence in search outcomes for both desktop and mobile inquiries.

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