The Impact of Website Engagement on Organic Rankings


Whilst it may not be a direct ranking signal, your organic click through rate (CTR) is highly important for your organic rankings.

It is not currently believed to be a part of Google’s core algorithm but for SEO Specialists there is very much the possibility that CTR is still an indirect signal and almost certainly impacts on organic rankings. If you were to improve click through rate, the chances are you will also see your rankings improve.

One thing that is more important than having a high organic CTR is your website having positive engagement metrics. This is because there isn’t much point in bringing hundreds or even thousands of people to your site if they are only going to be on there for a few seconds.

How does time spent on your site affect your organic rankings?

In this next part, we are going to talk about dwell time. If you haven’t heard of dwell time this refers to the amount of time that users spend on your website. It has been revealed by researchers that it does show up in the organic rankings for Google whether users liked your site or not. What we do know is that dwell time is measured by Google but we’re not quite sure how.

The best thing you can do is to try and keep visitors on your site for as long as possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if a user spends hours on your site that you will be first in the organic rankings, but it should have a positive effect. Google also looks at your conversion data because the most important thing to Google is that users that come to the site get what they are looking for.

Improving your conversion rates

So what do we know so far? You have to improve the engagement levels on your site and this will help to improve your sites rank in search engines. The only way this is possible is if you have a high conversion rate. Without doing so Google can’t tell if people are getting what they need from your site.

So how do you increase the conversion rate I hear you ask?

Here are some simple tips to help you do just that:

  • Make your headline stand out: This isn’t something that should be rushed. You should consider what is the best headline that is going to grab your users attention. You may also want to consider adding in keywords to improve their SEO performance.
  • Try to include some testimonials: This is something that will help to instill trust in your business by showing that customers have liked your product or service in the past.
  • Make it obvious what you are selling: You want to make it clear for users what you are selling and state clearly what the benefits are. If you are too ambiguous about your products or services you will most likely lose customers.
  • Call to Action: You should always try to include a bold call to action within your content. This should largely increase the chances of you converting your traffic. If you feel that you may need some help converting your traffic you may want to consider getting a User Experience Audit for your website. 

So. you should now have some idea of the effect website engagement has on your rankings and also have some idea of what you can do to improve it. So now you should be fully equipped to try and go away and try and implement some of our suggestions. If there is anything that you feel we have missed leave us a comment below with your suggestions and we will help where we can.

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