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AdWords Dynamic Search Ads

This brief article looks to explore the recent Dynamic Search Ad developments in Pay Per Click.

What they are:

In simple terms Dynamic Search Ads automatically create and display your ad based on the content of your website.  Google crawls your website and creates the ads based on the type of product you sell. You don’t have to choose your own keywords or create an ad for each product page of the site. They are automatically generated.

 What are the Advantages:pro's and con's

  • Low Maintenance – Google’s search index does all the work
  • Very specific ads – Google shows the headline with their search query and the best page on the site
  • You can control which areas of your website you target so you can test how effectively it will work
  • Dynamic search ads allow you to get traffic you may miss from your normal keyword list

What are the Disadvantages:

  • There is potential for this to match keywords you don’t really want to show for, i.e “second hand fancy dress costumes”
  • You are also relying on Google to show the most relevant landing page/ad. It should work although there is always a risk as it’s not entirely in your control


I think Dynamic Search Ads could be a good thing as you can easily match relevant ads but as they are a new thing we need to see how specific Google are in what they are matching you for. I suppose only time will tell and for that there will be another blog post, so keep checking back.

For more on Dynamic Search Ads see: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3249700?hl=en&ref_topic=3119126

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  1. I use the dynamic campaigns to generate traffic from generic keywords on one of my big accounts in different countries.I disable keywords Brand and analyze all the generic ones, the best performing keywords I export in the classic KW campaign…
    Remeber:Google chooses its own keywords and landing pages, but you can add negative keyword, negative argoment or negative URL parameter, is very usefull!

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