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How to Create Great Content for eCommerce Stores and Products


Having a sales description of your product when a customer is ready to buy is one thing, but how do you attract customers to your site in the first place? The secret is through the content… or what’s in your content!

This post explains how to produce great content to attract customers to your eCommerce store. (And – no, we’re not going to show you how to write!)

  • Focus on the customer first: Your customer has a problem. They need that problem solved. Hopefully, your product is the solution to that problem.
  • Research: Customers use search engines like Google to find the answers to their questions and problems. Through research, you can establish what questions your customers are asking and how your product (or products) is the answer.

How to find the questions eCommerce customers are asking

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to research queries that are frequently used. For niche terms, the Keyword Planner isn’t always the best place, but it is a good starting point.

Google Search: Start typing the product and “how” or “what” into the search bar. You’ll see that Google automatically suggests common questions which include the product and “how” or “what”. You can also use the same process using the “where”, “who” and “why” terms as well. 

eCommerce Stores and Products - Tillison Consulting

Can I change a Dyson filter myself? How do I know which LED bulbs to buy? Which radio is best for DAB in the UK? Which fabrics compliment denim?

Also, it is a good idea to check the suggested queries at the bottom of search results. If your product is an accessory to another product – what questions are customers posing about that product?

How to change the battery on a Samsung Note 4? Are washer-dryers better than separates? Why are integrated washing machines so expensive? How can I create more space in my wardrobe?

Quora: Search Quora for questions and answers posited on the site. You could answer there and then, of course, or create your own content which answers those questions.

eCommerce Stores and Products - Tillison Consulting

Forums: Research user forums for customers asking questions in those communities. These can be a goldmine of real-world problems for which your product might be a solution.

Social Media: Check out Facebook groups, Google Plus Communities, Twitter Chats and hashtags for more questions.

Competitors’ Sites: A bit of guerilla marketing here. Check out the comments and products on competitors’ sites. What are their customers confused about and what questions are they  asking there? Google (or other search engines and sites) will already have an answer to that question. It may not be the best answer possible, or sometimes even a relevant answer, but an answer nonetheless.

These situations above create great opportunities for your content.

You simply need to:

Write a better answer

It’s key to create deeper content with examples, advice and stories that have evolved from the questions that your customers have asked and how your product solves their issues. If your customers can understand how to use your product fully, how it works and how it would benefit them – then you’re on your way to boosting sales.

But, where to put this great content?  You might consider including some of the answers to your customers’ questions in a FAQ page on your site. Or – your content could be a helpful how-to blog post instead. That’s great, but remember to include a call to action at the bottom of the blog post to prompt your customers to visit the product pages, or the categories that the products belong to. The whole point of producing great content is to increase sales remember. You can use eCommerce images or even an embedded inventory to help direct customers to your products’ pages.

Videos are also brilliant in answering customers’ queries and are a fantastic way of engaging with customers. You can offer tips and tricks in the videos and promote them on Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo, as well as embedding the videos on eCommerce products’ pages or within your blog posts’ content.

Need more support on how to attract customers to your eCommerce website? Looking to increase sales and break through the eCommerce funnel like everything5pounds? Want eCommerce training? Speak to one of our specialists below.

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