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New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers

New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers

It’s that time of year again. With 2021 just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about our new year’s resolutions.

We all know the most popular resolutions – lose some weight, spend less money – but those all pertain to our home lives. What about our digital marketing careers?

That’s where Team Tillison comes in. This year we’ve decided to share our digital marketing new year’s resolutions with you so we can all have a great, productive, successful 2021.

Digital marketing new year’s resolutions for 2021

Use more ad extensions in Google Ads

There are so many ad extensions to choose from in Google Ads that PPC marketers often end up using the same few. Why not branch out and try out some new ones in 2021?

That’s what Kieren, one our PPC specialists, will be doing. “I want to maximise the number of ad extensions I use in Google Ads,” he says. By doing this, he can uncover any that could lead to even higher conversion rates for our clients.

An added bonus here is that extensions won’t cost you any extra, but it is worth noting that there’s no guarantee they’ll appear with your ad every time. Extensions appear when:

  • They’re predicted to improve your performance
  • Your ad’s position and Ad Rank are high enough for extensions to appear

Learn more in-depth technical SEO for eCommerce

Technical SEO can be a headache. From robots.txt to your site structure (and not to mention canonical URLs), getting your site crawled and indexed properly and efficiently is certainly tricky.

As 2020 draws to a close, this is more important than ever for eCommerce sites. The pandemic has forced more shoppers online than ever before and having tip-top technical SEO in place is one way you can keep your site ahead of the rest.

This year, why not put aside some time each week to learn the ins and outs of technical SEO? That’s what Emily, one of our SEO project leads, will be doing. With online courses and articles aplenty, finding out more couldn’t be easier.

Learn about and produce more video content

Learn about and produce more video content

With 85% of businesses now using video as a marketing tool, it’s more important than ever not to get left behind. Video content is taking over digital marketing, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to get swotted up on best practices so you can reap the benefits. Who doesn’t want to improve social media engagement and increase conversion rates, after all?

Our head of performance, Jackie, is going to be doing just that. Her new year’s resolution is to deep dive into the world of video content and uncover how she can harness it to promote our clients’ brands.

Spend more time on social media

It sounds counterintuitive when many try to cut down on social media in the new year, but spending more time on social media isn’t necessarily a bad thing when you’re a digital marketer. It’s all about being active with your time on social channels rather than passive.

Tom, our CRO expert, aims to do just that in 2021 with his new year’s resolution. He’s going to spend more time on social media interacting with others and learning the intricacies of each platform. From algorithms to users, gaining a thorough understanding of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok will be essential in any marketing strategy.

Tom also predicts that Comic Sans will make a comeback in 2021, but we hope that’s not true.

Create more content across all channels

Google loves fresh content. In fact, it loves it so much that it’s a ranking factor. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be putting out more content (as long as it’s useful) and updating what’s already live on your website.

But your content creation shouldn’t be limited to your blog. Create videos for social media and YouTube. Write some short, thought-provoking articles for LinkedIn. Boost your brand recognition by getting your name out there so people can come to associate you with quality content that answers their questions.

This is what Mark, our managing director, will be doing in 2021. His new year’s resolution is to create more content across all of our channels. From YouTube to Twitter, you’ll be seeing more of him.

Get to grips with coding

Get to grips with coding

Code is at the core of everything we do. From HTML and JavaScript to Python and PHP, it builds websites, creates custom email marketing templates and ensures users see the right information at the right time. It’s incredibly important in digital marketing, but it tends to get left to developers.

Why not join Kate, our digital content specialist, in putting some time aside in the new year to get to grips with coding? Learn the basics of HTML or push yourself further by putting your knowledge into practice or exploring C++.

Expand your pool of media contacts

For those in digital PR, growing your list of contacts can be tricky. We all know how beneficial having a large audience can be, so a great new year’s resolution is to expand your pool of media contacts and branch out in new areas.

Kelsie, Tillison’s digital PR specialist, will be doing this in 2021. LinkedIn and Twitter will be invaluable here, alongside Google and Google News.

It’s important to remember that growing your media list is a long-term commitment, though. You have to nurture your contacts and build relationships with them – you want them to publish your stories, after all.

Ringing in the new year

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, so we need to change along with it. What better time is there to do this than the new year?

We’d love to hear your new year’s resolutions – marketing or personal – so leave them in the comments below or tweet us at @TeamTillison. In the meantime, why not check out our digital marketing training courses to kickstart your 2021 digital marketing goals?

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