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SEO Training

Learn SEO and boost your rankings with our specialists

Just feeling comfortable and feeling like I know what I’m doing with SEO is enough to make me feel like the coaching was extremely worthwhile. Even if someone is great at doing something, it doesn’t make them a great teacher. Luckily, Jackie is a great teacher!”

Helenna Mannila – Founder, Clearly Cake

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Whatever your digital marketing goal, we'll get you there.

Struggling to get to grips with SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerful marketing practice that will help increase your search rankings and grow your business. 

Work with our experienced specialists in bespoke, one-to-one SEO training sessions either in-person or in convenient online sessions.

Learn from the Specialists

SEO Training Fundamentals

What to expect from our experts

seo basics

SEO Basics

Understand the basic principles of an SEO strategy including; rankings factors, search engine algorithms and best practices for your sector. 

keyword strategy

Keyword Strategy

The underpinning of SEO, establishing the right keywords is crucial to a successful strategy. Learn how to evaluate and target the right ones for your business to drive website traffic. 

page optimisation

On-Page Optimisation

Together we’ll go through every page on your site, one at a time, breaking down the technical SEO practices. This is necessary for the essential optimisation of your website to boost its search rankings.

link building

Link Building

Earning backlinks from trusted, relevant websites to your domain will build the authority of your site. Our SEO training course will help you create a profile to increase rankings on target pages.

google analytics

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an essential resource when it comes to tracking the performance and optimising the visibility of your site. Learn how to effectively use the tool with our SEO experts.



Content is undeniably at the core of any SEO project. With our help, you will develop a content plan which supports not only your strategy, but is valuable to your brand and audience too.

Why should you bother with SEO?

Many businesses don’t understand how important SEO is for them. With the right knowledge and training, you can turn your optimisation efforts around, yield incredible rewards for your site and grow your business.

Effective SEO implementation will:

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The whole team said that the training was immensely helpful and that all of their questions got answered. In addition they think that it will give them a great visual step by step guide of what needs to be done”

Julia Hackl – Kaiciid Dialogue Centre 

wwoman watching a computer

Our SEO expertise

Our SEO experts will tailor the training course to ensure your goals and objectives are met. With ongoing, regular support and coaching from an experienced mentor, sessions are scheduled around your needs, your website and your keywords as your skills develop and rankings grow.

We’ve provided SEO training courses across a range of sectors including;

Our SEO Training Promise

Whether you choose to take one of our SEO training courses in person, online or over the phone, we’ll start with what you know and build a strategy and training plan around it.

No matter your level of SEO understanding, our coaches will tailor the sessions to meet your needs and ensure your goals and objectives are met.

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