How To Get Organic SEO For eCommerce Website

How To Get Organic SEO For eCommerce Website

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The growth of eCommerce means that there are more online buyers and competition from other websites, making SEO for eCommerce all the more imperative. Want to effectively drive organic traffic to your eCommerce website?

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Research on eCommerce:

If you want to rank higher than your eCommerce competitors on Google, then you need to research – and thoroughly at that. Competitor research is particularly useful as you can investigate which keywords your competitors are using as part of their SEO strategy. Keyword research is another essential component that you need to carry out – using ineffective keywords leads to low traffic and fewer sales, thereby ruining your campaign. It’s crucial to understand the way your audience researches products and which search terms produce sales.

Quickly find website errors:

You need to quickly find website errors as they will affect your SEO and conversion rate. Common website errors involve duplicate content, duplicate products in multiple categories and meta titles and descriptions. Many eCommerce platforms such as Magento and WooCommerce have these issues and you will need to address them quickly to make sure that the search engine understands which pages it should rank for each target keyword.

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Add supporting content:

You can bolster your organic search engine rankings through adding supporting content. If the content is helpful for a customer, then it will be good for ranking too. Supporting content such as customer reviews and testimonials will build credibility and trust in the brand.  So will integrating social media and the use of blog posts.

On-page optimisation:

Try working on each page’s content on your website. Building up links will go a long way in maximising your organic traffic. On-page optimising also includes making sure your website is optimised for mobile search. Research indicates that over 40% of customers will abandon a website if it isn’t mobile friendly and takes too long to load. Prospective customers will likely leave the website if it takes too long to load, and find a competitor’s website which loads quicker. Maximising on site speed and mobile readiness will not only help rankings, but help conversion rates too.

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  1. vineet k says:

    I am also facing the problem of one product on many pages. Actually was not aware about the fact that placing one product on multiple pages may result in content duplication. Thanks for sharing this useful article with us.

  2. Juicy says:


    Thanks for sharing useful and informative information.

    Organic SEO is a best technique that can get you lots of traffic for ecommerce website. Different people have been doing it in different ways. There are few strategies that do exist.

    => Keyword Research, Competitor Research, On-Page Optimization

  3. Stalin says:

    I haven’t read any article on an “Organic SEO For eCommerce Website””
    Also if you optimize your website with proper On-page even you don’t have enough
    backlinks or Off-page, you can still be on the top of the search results. Thanks for sharing!

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