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What is RankBrain and How is It Affecting Your SEO?

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is the name for a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that Google uses to help process its search results, the use of which Google confirmed on 26 October 2015.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

Is RankBrain global?

The simple answer is yes, no matter where you are searching from in the world, RankBrain is going to be influencing your search results.

Is RankBrain the new way Google processes its search results?

Not exactly. RankBrain is only one part of Google’s overall search “algorithm”, a computer program that’s used to sort through all of the pages on the web and decide what is relevant for every search query.

How important exactly is RankBrain ?

RankBrain is one of many ranking signals that go into an algorithm to determine what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked. Greg Corrado of Google has said:

“In the few months it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query”

How will it affect your SEO?

As always at the start of your campaign you should be, selecting the keywords that your customers are most likely to be searching when they look for your business. This has always been the foundation of a good SEO campaign and isn’t about to change.

However, now with the introduction of RankBrain you will need to make your campaign more agile and easily adjustable so you can keep up with the new adaptations that Rank Brain is going to be making.

Want to find out more about Rank Brain?

If you want to find out more about Rank Brain, Google has a blog about it which you can follow for all the latest updates.

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