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SEO Link Building for Beginners

This SEO link building for beginners post should help you to gain an understanding of what link building is all about and why it is such a fundamental part of the SEO Process.

What is Link Building?

Link building can be a very time consuming and difficult process. It is essentially the process of building the amount of inbound links coming to your website from external sources. Inbound links meaning links that are coming towards your page from another domain, and external sources meaning any website other than your own.

Link building is one of the most difficult parts of SEO, so if you can do it right you can have the edge on your competitors.

How Do Search Engines Use Links?

Two of the most fundamental ways search engines use links are:

  • To help them to decide where to rank a site in search engines.
  • To aid them in the discovery of new web pages.

What is the Difference Between a noFollow and a doFollow link?

A noFollow link is a link that a website is telling Google not to follow and pass “link equity” to. To a user, it would look exactly the same on the website, but if you were to look at the code, you would see the addition of this attribute at the end of the link, rel=”nofollow”. The main place you are likely to see these types of links would be on the comment section of a blog. You will also find that most social media sites use noFollow links including Facebook and Twitter to help prevent their networks being overloaded with spammy link-building practices.

A doFollow link is the opposite, it is saying to Google that it is OK for them to follow the link. Links are doFollow unless you specify otherwise using the noFollow tag.

Why is Anchor Text Important?

Anchor text is one of the biggest signals that Google and other search engines use. If there are lots of links going to a page that search engines consider “good quality”, and they have the correct keywords then that page has a better chance of ranking for that particular keyword phrase.

What is Link Spam and Why Should You Avoid It?

Link Spam is essentially building up low quality links on websites, such as directories, blogs and forums, just to increase the amount of links going to your site. Whilst this practice can actually give you a temporary boost in the ranking, this is a really bad practice which you definitely want to avoid. It will get you penalised by Google, and is likely to end up with your website dropping massively in the rankings. It will also leave you with a massive list of bad links going to your website, which you are going to have to try and get removed if you ever want to have a chance of getting a decent ranking again.

What is the Best Way to Build Links?

The best way to build good quality links is to engage with relevant businesses and ask them to put a link on their website going back to a great piece of content you created, and perhaps offer to put a link back to theirs in return. This way the link going to your site is both relevant and from a good quality, relevant source.

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