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Link Building Strategies: Now & Then – Part 1

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Most people who work on SEO projects of different sizes have heard the phrase “link building is dead”. While most people acknowledge that this is partially true there are still effective ways to link build, but they need to be done in a natural way.

When you undertake any link building work you are essentially trying to manipulate Google into ranking your content higher, and in turn increase your keyword ranking. We all understand that traffic and sales/leads are the metric which all SEO specialists should be tracking but link building strategies are part of every SEO project.

So what are the link building best practices and what should you be aware of?


Directory Links

One of the older link building techniques, and not one that you should be using if you wish to build up your SEO project, is Directory Linking. In short with this technique you can approach a company online and buy a package for directory links, for example for $50 you can purchase 500 links which are posted on various directory websites. The big problem here is that you have no control over where the links are posted, and they are often added to websites which have nothing to do with yours. Google can potentially penalise websites using these link building strategies technique excessively so our advice is to stay away from this technique.

Link Farms

Similar to directory links, Link Farm technique websites are created for SEO purposes that authorities built up. From there a link gets added and is linked to other similar websites creating a link profile, the problem? Google’s Penguin update is cracking down on these types of links and you should expect to be penalised if this is a big part of your link building profile. Just like Directory Linking our advice is to stay away from these types of link building strategies altogether. There are better ways to acquire links.Learn SEO with a Pro

Paid Links

As the name suggests this is when you approach a company, and vice versa, and pay for a link on a particular website. Again this is a type of link building technique that Google are cracking down on. It seems the big problem Google has with these links is that the owner hardly has to put any effort in to obtain it. Google want quality links that you have worked hard on, not links that you have simply by handing over £20.

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The Content Link

One of the biggest mistakes people still make is continuing to create the same anchor text link every time. For example, they create 4 articles and post them up with the same anchor text link. This is one of Google’s pet hates and by continuing to do this excessively it can potentially get your website penalised by Google. You need a mixture of links but overall make sure you have a diverse link profile.

As you can see link building is getting harder and harder and it is becoming more difficult to create high quality links. The consequences of utilising the techniques above should discourage you from using them, unless of course you would like to visit the Google disavow tool, or start paying to get these links removed.

We welcome all comments and contributions to this post on any other bad quality link building strategies or techniques you may have come across. With all the bad quality link building techniques mentioned there are good ways to create links, this will be explained in the second part to this article.

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