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Magento SEO Services

Maximise your online sales with our expertise in Magento SEO. Seamlessly convert online visitors into engaged, paying customers, ensuring eCommerce success.

Glen Howard
Glen Howard
Company Owner, Carpet Tiles Direct
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"Mark has been very informative and has great knowledge of SEO. We were looking for specific help with our Magento platform and the site audit we gained from Tillison Consulting has given us a great insight into what we need to address to solve our ranking issues. Clearly, if you're looking for a professional company that knows what they're doing, then you need to look no further!"
Business Owner, Sports eCommerce Store
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"We get calls and emails every day from SEO companies guaranteeing rankings and promising the earth, but we needed to work with someone we could trust, who knew what it took to increase our site’s rankings and traffic. Ours is a tough market, pitching us against some very powerful high-street brands with much larger budgets than we can boast. I like that I can have regular dialogue with a team that understands my business and cares about the results we achieve together."
Nick Bampton
Nick Bampton
Company Owner, Sterling Softeners
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"We began working with Tillison just over 6 months ago. It was great to find an agency that was so friendly, passionate, and experienced and more importantly one that delivers such great results for a business like ours. It's always a pleasure to talk to them and the whole team goes above and beyond. I would recommend them to any company that is looking to obtain real results from their digital marketing campaigns."
Avon Potter
Avon Potter
Director, UK Hot Tubs
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"The SEO campaigns work very well for us – the volume of traffic is important, but we’ve been more impressed with the quality of the leads we receive, which has vastly improved since we’ve been working with Tillison Consulting. We had worked with other agencies before who weren’t nearly as proactive as the team at Tillison. We’re busy running our business, so we’ve been really pleased with the frequency and quality of communication – it gives us the information and confidence we need to get on, knowing that they’re looking after growing our business online."

Set your Magento Store apart from the Competitors

Optimise your Magento Store with our Magento SEO expert team, dedicated to enhancing your online visibility, driving targeted traffic, and boosting revenue. Our strategic approach, led by Magento SEO specialists, maximises vital elements and addresses unique challenges specific to Magento.

From resolving speed issues to tackling duplicated content and URLs, we ensure a seamless experience, eliminating hindrances to your rankings and URL rewrites. Elevate your Magento experience with our dedicated team committed to tangible results.

Without a robust SEO strategy, your online store is struggling with visibility on Google, lagging behind competitors. Our Magento SEO services tackle these challenges head-on, optimising content with audience-focused keywords and streamlining the backend for faster crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Stand out online, gain a competitive edge, and expect increased checkouts, organic traffic, and sales. Let us save you time and stress with our SEO skills.

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Elevating Excellence: Our Tailored SEO Strategies that Boost Your Sales and Revenue

Initial Consultation:

A conversation to understand your current position and pain points as well as fully understand your business goals and expectations.

Keyword Research:

Our SEO specialists will meticulously conduct in-depth research to identify the most relevant and high-impact search terms for your eCommerce stores online presence.

Tracking and Analytics Setup:

We set up campaign tracking and Google Analytics for your eCommerce store to provide valuable insights into website performance, helping us tailor our strategies for maximum impact.

Technical and On-Page Optimisation:

We will optimise your pages to give them the best chance of ranking in the Search Lists.  This will also mean fixing technical issues with the website that are hindering your progress.

Content Strategy:

We will create a content plan and craft content that not only captivates your audience but also strategically aligns with search engine algorithms, boosting your website visibility.

Link Building:

We identify opportunities to build quality backlinks to your site from reputable sources.  This includes local citations that will help you to gain greater visibility in the map stacks.

Communications and Reporting:

We offer consistent updates on SEO performance, keyword rankings, traffic, and conversion metrics, accompanied by monthly meetings to review progress and make necessary adjustments to our strategies.

Scaling and Growth:

We will continuously monitor and adapt your SEO strategy based on data-driven insights, identifying opportunities to scale your business and grow your revenue streams.

Boost Sales with Our Customised SEO Strategies for Your Magento Store

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Strategically Position Your Magento Store for Greater Success

We will position your Magento store for unparalleled success by intricately enhancing its digital presence through strategic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and technical SEO practices. Our meticulous efforts aim not only to enhance your online visibility globally but also to secure a prominent spot in local search rankings. From crafting compelling product descriptions to strategically implementing targeted keywords, our approach transcends the ordinary. Our goal is to secure a prime position for your Magento store on the first page of Google, capturing the attention of the right audience and propelling your business forward.

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Improve Your Performance In Search

We’ll review your eCommerce website and tell you how we’ll get you better rankings and more website traffic.

SEO Benefits

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Our Approach To Magento SEO:

At Tillison Consulting, our extensive experience in optimising Magento stores spans numerous successful projects. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry best practices, continually adapting our strategies to align with the latest algorithm updates. Through years of refinement, we’ve honed a range of methods that promise to significantly boost both the organic traffic to your store and the ensuing sales.

Our approach hinges on collaborative partnerships with clients, a fundamental ethos that we hold dear. We highly value the insights from you and your team, considering them essential pillars for overall success. Rest assured, we maintain transparent and open communication, providing clear updates on performance and project developments.

Our team of Magento SEO specialists is committed to crafting customised strategies that systematically amplify your online presence. Each SEO project undergoes thorough research, meticulous execution, and strategic management tailored to address the specific needs of each eCommerce client. Partner with us at Tillison Consulting, where your success is our priority.

Laetitia Menzies
Laetitia Menzies
Business Owner, Blue Island Home
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"Tillison Consulting are a friendly, attentive company and it was an absolute pleasure working with them. Would not hesitate to recommend, thank you!"

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Magento SEO FAQs

 Magento SEO services optimise your website to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic to your Magento store. By enhancing visibility, targeting relevant keywords, and improving user experience, Magento SEO can significantly boost your online sales.

Optimising image alt texts and image descriptions can help with on-page optimisation – helping your page or post rank higher – but can also help surface images in Google Image search and land your site some free traffic too!

With Magento SEO, you can expect increased organic traffic, improved conversion rates, enhanced website authority, and amplified revenue growth. These services focus on maximising your online presence, ensuring your Magento store stands out amidst competitors.

Magento SEO strategies are tailored specifically for Magento stores, addressing unique challenges such as speed optimization, URL structure, and handling duplicate content. These strategies aim to optimize the Magento platform efficiently, ensuring seamless crawling, indexing, and ranking on search engines.

With all things considered, Magento is well-built for SEO. As it is an open source program, store owners have a good amount of control over a site’s technical SEO elements, i.e. robots.txt, sitemaps, redirects, metadata, etc.

The timeline for seeing results from Magento SEO can vary based on factors such as the competitiveness of your niche, the current state of your website, and the implementation of SEO strategies. However, with a strategic approach and continuous optimization, you can expect to see gradual improvements in organic traffic and rankings over time.

Absolutely. Magento SEO levels the playing field by strategically positioning your store for greater visibility and success. Through targeted keyword optimisation, content enhancements, and technical SEO, you can compete effectively against high-street brands with larger budgets.

Key factors in Magento SEO include optimising product pages and category pages, improving website speed and performance, implementing SEO-friendly URLs, and enhancing user experience. Additionally, focusing on quality backlinks, content optimisation, and user engagement metrics is crucial for improving website authority.

At Tillison Consulting, we approach Magento SEO projects with extensive research, meticulous execution, and strategic management. Our team of Magento SEO specialists collaborates closely with clients, crafting customized strategies tailored to address specific business needs and challenges. Through transparent communication and continuous optimisation, we strive to achieve tangible results and maximise online presence for our clients.

There are a number of options you could consider and as you’d expect, there is no right answer as to which Magento best practice should be employed to manage those out-of-stock product situations – it really depends on the circumstances.

Firstly, the decision is different depending on whether the product is temporarily out of stock, or permanently.

If the status is temporary, we’d recommend leaving the page live, but nothing on the product page and in your schema markup that the product is out of stock. Whatever other solutions you might consider, do not remove the product.

You might also want to consider how that product is managed in Google Shopping campaigns – hopefully, you’re automating the output of a Shopping feed, which includes stock availability, in which case, this should be managed automatically.

If the product is permanently out of stock, there are still a few options to consider:

  1. Does this product generate sales? Head to Google Analytics and query the landing pages and product data to see how much traffic and how many sales this page gets.
  2. Does the product page have internal links and more importantly, external links to it?
  3. Is there a replacement product which is a close match?

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Sally Nash
Sally Nash
Head of Marketing, Lockers Park School
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"The Tillison team have been a joy to work with. Not only are they deep experts in their field (it’s a relief to outsource this technical expertise); they are always helpful, friendly and efficient to work with. I highly recommend working with Tillison for search engine optimisation, website hosting, and PPC".

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