Bing Publishes WordPress Plugin to Submit Content Immediately to Search Index


Bing has announced a new WordPress plugin that will help you submit new and updated content from your WordPress blog directly to its search index.

When installed correctly, this new plugin will automatically enable you to direct your URLs from WordPress blogs and sites to Bing’s search index.

You must install the plugin with an API key obtained from Bing Webmaster portal. The plugin will then be able to detect newly added pages as well as updated older pages in WordPress. It will automatically submit the URLs within the page to Bing’s Webmaster Tools API and URL submission feature.

Bing ensures that the site pages will always be fresh in its index.

The new plugin submits directly to Bing's search index

Additional features

There are also some additional features added to this plugin to take advantage of:

  • View list of recent URL submissions from inside the plugin
  • Toggle the automatic submission feature
  • Download recent URL submissions to analyse
  • Manually add a URL to Bing Index

Add your API key to Bing’s plugin

Getting your API key is easy – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find out how to obtain an API key here. Make sure your WordPress site is verified with Bing Webmaster
  2. Once installed, open the Bing URL Submissions plugin settings page by clicking on ‘Settings’ link for the plugin
  3. You should now see a prompt asking you to enter the API key
  4. Enter your Bing Webmaster API key
  5. You’re all done – your WordPress site and blog are now correctly configured to automatically submit URLs to Bing

Ensuring your WordPress site is correctly configured with indexes across the internet is paramount to its success. Having your site correctly indexed on Bing is important to help the reach for your website and this plugin makes it so much easier.

What’s more, adding additions to this will help with the SEO efforts for your website. Our SEO team can give you guidance and strategy advice. For more information on how we can implement an effective SEO strategy for you, contact us today.

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