7 Signs That You Need a Mobile Strategy

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Google’s Yoshikiyo Kato and Pierre Far recently gave strong indications that poor mobile experience on sites would be likely to be penalised in search ranking results. Further discussion threads on Social Media sites among SEO specialists, suggests that this may already have begun.

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns are forcing many advertisers to advertise on mobile. On 22nd July, Google will force AdWords advertisers in the UK to migrate to “Enhanced Campaigns”, Google’s strategy to merge its offering across multiple devices. Google understands that mobile is the future of the Internet, that’s where its customers are going to be and that’s where Google needs to be too. Sites need to follow suit or risk getting left behind.

Forecasts suggest that mobile search will exceed desktop search by the end of 2014. Since this prediction, we’ve seen a significant growth in mobile traffic coming to clients’ sites through paid ads, organic traffic and Social Media, a growth which isn’t slowing down.

Amazon has had a mobile site and an app since March 2011. It’s no accident that Amazon, eBay and many of the other big players (they have bigger budgets than most) were ahead of the curve. It is the actions of these sites that set the expectation among your customers that mobile was possible. Your customers now expect the same from your site.

Your desktop site, although pretty, sucks on a mobile device. Users get irritated, frustrated and just leave, unlikely to return. Instead they’ll go to your competitor who has a mobile-ready site instead.

Amazon reports that 22% of its traffic and sales come from mobile devices and CapGemin released a report earlier this year recently stating, “Mobile accounted for 20.2% of UK e-retail sales in Q1 [of 2013]” .

A significant volume of traffic is coming from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media platforms too. Facebook reports that 70% of its use is on mobile, Twitter reports 80%. That is a huge proportion of the time we spend online, on our mobiles. With reports suggesting that by December 2013 there will be 1.4 billion smart phone users in the world; that is an audience you can’t risk losing.

Some recent analysis on an eCommerce store without proper mobile support demonstrates a gradual trend from the middle of 2012, month on month, where the conversion rates trend down and the cost per conversion trends up. This mirrors the increase in mobile use during that same period. Mobile and tablet users are not catered for on the site and have a poor experience, costing the business £1000’s in missed sales and profits. They’ve a firm recommendation to go mobile as soon as possible.


Look at your own Google Analytics data to see the increases in mobile traffic to your web site. We guarantee that if you aren’t affected yet, you soon will be.

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