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Mastering Google Discover Optimisation: Boost Your Traffic

Understanding Google Discover

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Google Discover is a feature by Google that provides users with a personalised feed of content based on their interests. It is a powerful tool for driving traffic and reaching a wider audience, especially when paired with search engine optimisation techniques. To fully leverage Google Discover, it is essential to optimise your content for this platform. By understanding how Google Discover works and following best practices for optimisation, you can increase your chances of having your content appear in users’ feeds. 

What is Google Discover?

Google Discover leverages users’ search history, app activity, and location data to curate a content feed customised to their preferences. Unlike traditional Google search results that necessitate user queries, Google Discover proactively surfaces content it deems relevant and engaging to users. Securing a spot in Google Discover can significantly boost traffic to your website and enhance your online visibility.

How Google Discover Works

Google Discover algorithmically determines content recommendations for individual users without them initiating a search. By analysing various user interactions and signals, Google Discover tailors content suggestions to match users’ interests and behaviours. Understanding these algorithms and user behaviours is vital in optimising content to meet the criteria for Google Discover inclusion.

Why Optimise for Google Discover?

Access to a Massive Audience

Google Discover is a powerful content distribution channel that puts your material in front of millions of mobile users daily, driving website traffic and brand exposure.

Highly Contextualised User Engagement

Discover allows you to connect with users through personalised, interest-based content tailored by machine learning for maximum relevance and engagement.

Build Brand Loyalty and Affinity

Repeatedly serving users optimised, high-quality content matched to their interests solidifies your brand as a trusted authority and creates sticky audience relationships.

Leverage Personalisation’s Competitive Edge 

In today’s crowded landscape, leveraging personalised distribution channels like Discover provides a major advantage for expanding reach, enhancing engagement, and cultivating an invested audience.

Optimising Content for Google Discover

Content Strategy

Creating Content for Google Discover

To create content that performs well on Google Discover, you need to focus on producing high-quality, engaging, and relevant material. Google Discover prefers evergreen content, meaning it remains relevant over time. By crafting content that aligns with users’ interests and search habits, you increase the likelihood of it being featured in the Google Discover feed. Consistency in producing valuable content that resonates with your target audience is key to succeeding in Google Discover.

Optimising Your Content for Google Discover

Optimising your content for Google Discover involves several key strategies. Firstly, make sure your content is well-structured and easy to read, as Google Discover values user experience. Additionally, incorporate relevant keywords and topics that align with what users are likely to be interested in. This practice helps optimise content for Google Discover. Utilise high-quality images and videos to enhance visual appeal and engagement. Regularly updating and refreshing your content also signals to Google that it is current and valuable to users.

Using Google Search Console for Discovery Optimisation

Google Search Console is a valuable tool for monitoring and optimising your content for Google Discover. By analysing performance data and search analytics, you can gain insights into how your content is being discovered and make informed decisions on how to improve its visibility. Pay attention to the types of content that perform well on Google Discover and tailor your future content creation strategies accordingly. Google Search Console provides valuable information that can help you enhance your presence on this platform and drive more traffic from Google Discover.

Optimise your Content for Mobile: Mobile Optimisation

With more users accessing the web on smartphones and tablets, optimising for mobile devices is crucial. Implement responsive design to ensure your site adapts seamlessly across screen sizes. Prioritise fast load times by optimising performance and minimising file sizes. Enhance visuals by compressing images and enabling responsive image delivery. Embracing mobile optimisation provides a superior user experience and positions your site for success in our mobile-centric world.

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Improving Discover Performance

Optimising Your Content to Appear in Discover

Creating content that resonates with Google Discover entails focusing on high-quality, engaging, and relevant material. Prioritise evergreen content that remains pertinent over time to align with users’ interests. Consistency in delivering valuable content that appeals to your target audience is key to securing a spot on Google Discover.

Maximising Your Reach on Google Discover

To maximise your content’s visibility on Google Discover, ensure it is well-structured, user-friendly, and incorporates appropriate keywords and topics. Visual elements like images and videos heighten engagement levels. Regularly updating your content demonstrates its relevance and value, enhancing its appeal to users and search engines alike.

Enhancing User Interaction with Your Content on Discover

Utilising Google Search Console is integral to monitoring and optimising your content for Google Discover. Analysing performance data provides insights into how users discover your content, informing strategies to improve visibility. Tailor your content creation based on successful content types on Google Discover to drive more traffic and enhance your presence on the platform.


What is Google Discover for SEO?

Google Discover is a content discovery platform that surfaces personalised content recommendations to mobile users based on their interests and past activity. While not directly part of traditional SEO targeting search engine rankings, optimising for Google Discover presents a big opportunity for SEO professionals:

Build Topical Authority

Having your brand’s authoritative, high-quality content consistently appear for relevant topic areas in Discover helps establish you as a respected voice and source.

Boost Engagement Metrics

The personalised relevance of how content surfaces in Discover means users tend to be more invested, leading to improved dwell times, lower bounces, more shares, etc.

Is Google Discover worth it?

Google Discover puts your content directly in front of millions of mobile users browsing personalised content feeds based on their unique interests and behaviours. This enables unparalleled content discovery potential to connect with new, highly engaged audiences.

What is the difference between Google News and Discover?

Google News and Google Discover are two distinct Google products with some overlapping functionalities:

Google News:

  • News aggregator curating articles from various news sources
  • Focuses on current news stories and breaking events
  • Organised by news categories like Top Stories, World, Business, etc.
  • Aims to provide a comprehensive news overview

Google Discover:

  • Personalised content feed based on user interests and activity
  • Surfaces articles, videos, blog posts, and other evergreen content
  • Uses machine learning to recommend relevant content to each user
  • Proactively shows content users may find interesting without actively searching

Key Differences:

  • Google News is dedicated to news, while Discover covers news plus other content types
  • News relies more on human curation, Discover uses machine learning personalisation
  • News provides a general news overview, Discover is a personalised content discovery feed

what types of content perform best on Google Discover

News and Trending Topics

News articles, especially on current events and trending topics, do very well on Discover as users are interested in the latest updates.

Google aims to surface timely and relevant news content to users based on their interests.

Evergreen Content 

While news performs strongly, evergreen content that provides value and responds to specific information needs can also get visibility on Discover.
Examples include in-depth guides, how-tos, and explainers on topics of interest.

Visual and Multimedia Content

Content with compelling visuals like high-quality images (at least 1200px wide) and videos tends to capture attention in Discover’s visual feed.

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