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Our Fashion Digital Marketing Agency Services

We’re proud of the specialists in our Fashion digital marketing agency and the amazing growth they’ve helped achieve for our Fashion eCommerce clients. Our eCommerce Marketing Team delivers a range of services to scale your Fashion brand.

Grow Your Fashion Brand

We know what it takes to showcase your products to shoppers in a competitive eCommerce sector. Our strategies ensure your products are seen when shoppers are searching for the fashion you sell, attracting them to your website.

We will;

Increase Transactions.

We know that growing your online store’s conversion rate is the bedrock of bringing in revenue and lowering your outgoings. In order to improve conversion rates, our team will conduct a thorough review of your eCommerce store and make improvements, which will convert more visitors into paying customers.

Whether you’re looking to increase transactions, increase revenue or average order value, our eCommerce digital marketing services will be sure to help you!

Fashion Digital Marketing Agency Fundamentals

What to expect from our fashion digital marketing agency

Fashion Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are tailored to individual products.

Some products may be more considered purchases which require top-of-funnel marketing as well as Search Marketing – others just need Search to succeed.

Fashion Product Research

We research opportunities to reach your target audience using Display Advertising, Search Advertising, Social Media and Video.

We identify audiences your product should be in front of and search terms your site should be found for.

Fashion Website Design

We often double eCommerce sales with optimised, high-converting web pages.

Our web team creates beautiful eCommerce websites that convert more visitors in to leads.

Building your Campaign

After agreeing on a strategy with you, our specialists set up your campaigns and optimise them for success. Their aim is to hit your business goals, so you know your campaigns are in safe hands.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO is the key which unlocks the success and scale of fashion campaigns.

We constantly test and measure page copy, images, buttons and forms to improve conversion rates – typically 2x the performance.

Great Communication

Our team is an extension of yours.

Campaign performance thrives on collaborative relationships with our clients.

This ensures that we’re all working toward clear goals and helps to exceed project targets.

Don't Take Our Word For It

After helping an online eCommerce stores; their sales increased by 300% in just 4 months! Just ask 'Everything 5 pounds'. We helped their revenue sky rocket 🚀

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Fashion Marketing FAQ

Fashion digital marketing is a series of services to help fashion companies build their brand, perform well in Google rankings, improve their engagement on social media, and ultimately reach new customers. Each aspect of fashion digital marketing works with the others, creating an impact that is far greater than physical marketing or word of mouth.

Tillison Consulting has worked with a  number of eCommerce brands across the UK. This experience has helped to increase brand awareness and attract new customers for them all, both in their local area and further afield. 

We are experts in creating successful SEO, PPC, brand awareness and other campaigns for aesthetic clinics. Speak to a specialist today to start building your successful aesthetic digital marketing campaign now.

There are plenty of reasons why fashion brands will benefit from digital marketing. For one, ad campaigns will increase awareness of your store among your target audience. You can also adapt your marketing approach depending on your results, the time of year and more to achieve the best results. This is where marketing for fashion is advantageous – we know the eCommerce sector inside out, and we can implement the changes necessary to increase booking numbers.

Your website is obviously vital when it comes to digital marketing for the fashion industry, but you have to drive prospective customers to it. Search engine optimisation and ad campaigns on search engines and social media channels will help you achieve this. However, these take specialist knowledge and a considerable amount of time, so why not hire a fashion digital marketing agency to do it for you?

PPC (Pay Per Click) covers a wide variety of paid advertising opportunities which SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) cannot cover. Broadly speaking, there is no direct comparison.

However, a Paid Search is a similar strategy to SEO. In a Paid Search campaign, the advertiser is bidding and paying for clicks on ads at the top of the search results. With SEO, pages are ranked in the organic listings.

Also within Google Ads, Fashion eCommerce stores can invest in a Google Shopping campaign. Google Shopping shows Product Ads at the top of search results – there is no real “organic SEO” opportunity of note which competes with Google Shopping Ads.

PPC campaigns also include Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads and Google Display Ads, amongst others, none of which compete with an SEO strategy directly.

In summary, the most successful Fashion eCommerce Marketing strategies;

  1. Use a combination of PPC campaigns for top-of-funnel audience reach and engagement, along with a Content / SEO strategy. 
  2. Use a combination of Paid Search Campaigns, Google Shopping and SEO to get rank category and product pages, attracting clicks and visitors when they’re more likely to buy.

eCommerce Tracking is essential to the success of an eCommerce store, regardless of the channels used to attract traffic.

Configured correctly for the Ad Platform (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.) and for Google Analytics, tracking provides data about;

  1. The number of visitors to your site and each page
  2. The time each user spent on a page, or on your site
  3. How many pages users viewed
  4. Whether those users converted in to a sale and the transaction values

Given that this data can then be segmented by traffic source, device, gender, age, location and others, this data can help marketers and eCommerce store owners understand which are their most profitable traffic sources, which genders and locations perform best and most critically therefore to understand how to scale their eCommerce traffic and sales.

Targeted and optimised regularly, Facebook PPC (Facebook Ads) can work incredibly well for eCommerce stores.

However, when comparing Facebook Ads and Google Search Ads, it must be remembered that Facebook Ads is an interruption strategy – targeting users who are likely to be interested in your product, whereas Google Search and/or Google Shopping campaigns seek to attract users when they already have a demand for your product.

Facebook PPC Ads primary support your Fashion store’s revenue in a number of ways;

  1. Creating awareness and desire for your products among (niche) target audiences, which in turn creates site traffic and search traffic
  2. Retargeting site visitors with ads for products, nurturing those users through a consideration period in a an effort to have those users return to the site and purchase
  3. Engaging and nurturing existing fans and customers, which encourages repeat orders.
  4. Introducing new products to an existing audience.

Google Ads is the foundation for many successful online Fashion stores, but relying solely on Google Search or Shopping is a risky long-term strategy.

To be stable, Fashion stores should consider investing in other traffic sources such as organic traffic (SEO), email marketing, social PPC ads and content marketing.

To achieve real eCommerce success, it is critical to remember that Google Ads is an advertising platform. Well- structured and optimised Google Ads campaigns can get your products found when users are searching, but it cannot convert those visitors in to sales – for that, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is absolutely critical, along with product pricing and of course, the products themselves.

YouTube ads can work for Fashion Brands as a top-of-funnel strategy – targeting broad or niche audiences with video ads for your products, or your latest range.

As a strategy to drive direct sales, YouTube may not by your first choice as a Fashion eCommerce store, but it sure does pack a punch in reach and audience engagement.

A video retargeting strategy on YouTube could produce awesome results, helping to educate a “nearly customer” audience about the range of products on offer.

Like Facebook Ads, YouTube also delivers a fantastic opportunity to reach your target audience with video content, creating awareness, desire and search activity around your brand and your products.

As one of the most effective forms of advertising, with PPC you will only pay each time one of your ads is clicked on. Done right, a good PPC for a fashion campaign will help boost your brand awareness, and increase website visits and conversion numbers. 

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