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Why Content Marketing is Important


Dating all the way back to prehistoric times, those who survived were those the ones who made the most of the resources they had around them…..roll forward a few thousand years and businesses looking to survive in the competitive market place have to do the same. Online content marketing is the modern equivalent of utilising the means around them.

Forget smoke signals, letter writing and telephone calls, almost everyone now can be connected through a piece of technology such as a smartphone, tablet or PC. This new level of communication has opened up a wealth of opportunities for businesses to spread their message and improve their visibility  Thanks to social media avenues, websites, search engines and bloggers online content marketing has the power to elevate your status quicker than ever before.

Why Content Marketing is Important

Content marketing not only harnesses the power of the people through social media, but all content can contribute to your companies search rankings thanks to cleverly implemented SEO and back links.

Globally there are now an estimated 1 billion posts on Facebook and 400 million Tweets sent every day. This makes the potential reach of your content, if distributed in this manner, almost infinite.

Blog articles, sponsored stories using Twitter Pay per Click, Facebook Pay per Click or LinkedIn Pay per Click ads are all other way to maximise the potential of your content. It is important to note, however, this will only be the case if you include ‘Call To Action’ buttons which when clicked transport users to landing pages on your website.

Why is Online Content Marketing Important? Simply because Content Marketing has the potential to revolutionise the way you generate leads and sales for your business.

In order to maintain a strong brand image and an authoritative site Google’s ranking algorithm, you need to plan the roll out of your content carefully.

It is a time consuming process to begin with, but the untapped audience you have the potential to reach and turn into leads and sales is worth it. I guarantee your competitors are already on board, so saddle up, this is one bandwagon you need to jump on.

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