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Vine Starts to Wilt as Instagram Video Blooms

The article I read – Vine Withers as New Instagram Video Shares Take Lead on Twitter

The article explores facts and figures into what video platform is performing better with users. Mashable look into reception, downloads and overall user experience.

My Response

It’s no secret that Instagram has become one of the biggest photo sharing platforms over the past couple of years. Sure, Tumblr and Flickr have mobile apps but Instagram was created for mobile use only so it’s no surprise that that it won over the majority of handset users.

Vine is a fairly new product that debuted in the United States earlier this year. The app allows you to create a 6 second video which you can share to Twitter. Since Vine is owned by Twitter, you can see its content right in your newsfeed, great if you’re on the go.

The Android phone app for Vine didn’t debut until a few weeks back, so I really haven’t had much time to get to grips with this new social network that everyone was talking about. Once I did download the app however, I found it easy and pleasant to use. I loved the idea of it too, so it was a win in my books.

My friend predicted that that Instagram would soon allow for video recording and she was right. 2 weeks ago, a simple update on your existing app now means that you can record short, 15 second videos in-app. When I arrived at work and checked my social accounts, I was overwhelmed with the response that Instagram Video had received. It was mostly good too! The first thing I did was downloaded the updated and had a go. It was smooth, easy to use and included some of the well-loved Instagram traits such as filters.

I hadn’t really thought about the competition between the two platforms until I had read the Mashable article, but now all I can do is compare.

Things to praise Instagram for;

• The use of filters is still available. Hipsters over the world rejoiced when they realised they could use filters on top of videos.
• 15 second video. This isn’t a bash at Vine, but a lot more can happen in 15 seconds compared to 6.
• Choose a thumbnail. You can choose what followers see when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed. This is a brilliant feature that means you can pick something attractive and fitting to your account and video rather than a mid-frame blur.
• Mid-Record Focus. Well done Instagram. I can now focus my camera and change my depth of field whilst I’m recording.
• Anti-shake. We all know shaky hands ruin videos, so Instagram video has an anti-shake feature that reduces movement.
• Post to Facebook. You can do this on Vine, but it will only show as a link.
• Fasting loading and processing times.
• Adding a feature to an existing platform. Instagram has been around for a few years now and a majority of people have and know how to use it. By adding this feature to their existing app, it made sure that users will already have prior knowledge on how to work certain features.

Things to praise Vine for;

• Original idea of starting the video as soon as the full frame is on your screen. Instagram also does this, but the credit goes to Vine.
• Edit whilst you record! This can be quite fiddly, but also very fun if you have the time.
• Post to Twitter. You can post to Twitter from Instagram, but if a Twitter user wants to click the content, it will take them to a new tab.
• Overall original idea. Video is the new photo.


What do I prefer?

I automatically preferred Instagram because I already knew how to use it. It sounds biased but the whole process of changing to video was a lot easier as I was familiar with the layout, style and people who were using it. The Mashable article gives some very valid good and bad points from both social networks. Their overall article seems to favour Instagram which I agree with, so I found it a pleasant read.

I will give Vine another go when I get the chance, but for now it’s all about Instagram Video.


Which do you prefer?

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve always thought that in these technology battles that have happened throughout the years, that the important aspect was the infrastructure behind it. The first I recall was VHS vs Betamax. Betamax was the better format, but VHS had the better backing, so won out. From limited experience, I would guess Instagram will win, as they seem to be the bigger entity.

    1. Wherever there are similar formats about, there will be arguments. It’s the same with the whole iPhone/Android thing. Thanks for reading!

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