Twitter Marketing Updates: Measuring Success, Audience Growth, Security and Postcode Targeting

This post explores 6 Twitter Marketing Updates and Twitter Marketing Tips that Twitter users and Twitter marketers should be following.

Twitter’s Plan to Get 500 Million Unregistered Users to Sign Up

As if there weren’t enough users on Twitter to justify it as a valuable branding and marketing opportunity, Twitter has a plan to add 500 million (yes, million) to its user base.

Whilst difficult to measure accurately, the important point to understand with Twitter Marketing, is that whilst engagement is really important, there’s so much value in users who just read your tweets, but never engage.

Recently, I spoke about using AdWords to grow a business at an event to a group that I’d never met in person. As soon as I walked into the room and set my bag down, two people approached me to say hello, one announcing that they followed me on Twitter (@Tillison), the other on Google Plus (+MarkTillison).

When I asked their names and recognised neither, I was first struck with a fear that I’d forgotten them (I have ALOT of conversations with LOTS of people on both platforms). But no. Actually, neither had ever favourited a tweet, replied to a post or engaged in any way, but they felt like they already knew me well enough to come and say “hi” like we’d met many times.

Here’s a rundown of Twitter features aimed at getting non-registered users on board.

  • Instant Timelines
  • Resurrection Timelines
  • Logged-Out Home Pages
  • Native Video
  • Google Search
  • Group Direct Messaging (also see our recent video on this)

Read the full post on AdWeek

Share Twitter Accounts Without Having to Share Passwords

Twitter just introduced a new feature that allows users to share Twitter accounts without also having to share passwords.

As an agency running Twitter ad campaigns and accounts on behalf of some amazing clients, independent access is always preferable. For Google AdWords accounts, we rarely need the client’s user names and passwords, instead accessing via our own, individual users accounts via a “Master” account, to which all client accounts are accessed.

This makes everything both more secure and more efficient. We don’t have access to other Google services attached to that account (like Gmail, for example) and when you’re managing over 100 AdWords accounts, switching between them with different user accounts is tedious, at best.

For now, it seems that this feature is limited to Tweetdeck, sadly. Please, Twitter, can you roll this out as standard?

Twitter said:

TweetDeck Teams is a simple solution to Twitter account sharing. It enables you to delegate access to as many people as you like, and remove accounts when they no longer need access. In order to use this new feature, you must log in to TweetDeck with your Twitter account.

Read the full post on Twitter’s blog.

5 Tools for Downloading and Analysing Twitter Data

Analysing and attributing the value of Twitter activity is a big issue. Many businesses and Twitter users prioritise the wrong metrics. The number of Twitter followers is not your primary measurement of success but is the easiest metric to measure.

What about engagement metrics like replies, retweets and favourites? How about how many users saw your tweet (or tweets) and how many users clicked through to your website or watched your video?

This post explores a number of different opportunities to download or use different apps to analyse and evaluate your Twitter data.

Read it on

Twitter Releases New User Safety Tools

Anyone who’s invested a reasonable amount of time on Twitter and is active knows all too well that spam is an issue.

There are plenty of tools out there (some breaking Twitter’s Ts & Cs) that will allow bots to automatically follow Twitter accounts, automatically retweet or favourite tweets. Before you’re tempted to go and use such a service or to buy followers, you should consider how valuable that is to your brand.

Twitter is fighting the good fight on this. It knows that excessive spam will alienate users and drive them away from its platform, which it certainly can’t afford.

Read Twitter’s Update on user safety features.

Twitter-Hosted Video Can Now Be Embedded On Your Website

Video is huge in Social Media. With Instagram adding video to its service a while back (and going strong), the birth and purchase of Vine by Twitter, and now the rapid growth of Persicope, video shows no sign of slowing.

We’ve long been able to embed tweets in a blog post, like this:

That method doesn’t support embedding tweets with video. Read how to do that on Search Engine Journal.

Twitter Launches Postcode Targeting

After launching its self-service ad platform in the UK back in November 2013, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a great new Digital Marketing Opportunity (see Twitter Ads Launch).

One of the few issues which we felt was holding opportunity back was the limited targeting – something we felt was extremely important to many businesses to make Twitter PPC Advertising a viable option to reach their target audience.

Twitter Postcode Targeting opens up some amazing opportunities for local businesses to create highly targeted local marketing campaigns. A restaurant could target local users engaged in conversions about Great British Bake Off or Masterchef during the show. Snooker clubs can target local Twitter users engaged in conversations during airings of tournaments, or accountants targeting local users during the budget announcement.

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