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New Twitter Features 2016

In this T-Time Show, Mark is joined by Special Guest, Nicky Kriel explaining and exploring New Twitter Features 2016 and the opportunities for businesses and marketing that they create.

The Twitter 10k Character Limit

(02:15) Twitter was rumoured to be planning to extend the current 140 character Tweet limit to 10,000 characters. The Twittersphere exploded, but it seems that Jack Dorsey has said categorically that Twitter will not be changing the character limit. Nicky and Mark discuss the merits of such a move and why Twitter may be wise to consider it, what you can already do to add more content and characters to a tweet within the current restriction and that if you wanted to, there are already tools which perform this function.

Animated GIFs on Twitter

(07:37) Twitter has partnered with animated GIF resource, Giphy, to allow Twitter users to easily add animated GIFs from a huge library to add a little more emotion to their tweets and engagement.

Using Twitter Video for Engagement

(09:50) Nicky shares her personal experience of Twitter video and how it could (and should) be used to add a deeper, personal connection with your audience or to build stronger relationships with specific individuals.

The Twitter Algorithm Update

(13:33) Twitter caused a huge stir with its plans to change its traditional, reverse chronological timeline to an algorithm which decided which Tweets you’d see at the top of your newsfeed based on earlier interaction with a topic or with particular accounts. Nicky and Mark explore this. They explain how this was rolled out and the more recent changes to an opt-out, rather than an opt-in.

Twitter News on Accessibility

(21:68) Twitter has added the capability to add alternative text to images as they’re shared on Twitter. This makes images consumable by those with visual impairments who may use screen readers to consume content on Twitter. Is it as simple as that, or is there something more to it?

About Twitter Moments

(27:18) Nicky explains what Twitter Moments are, how to access them and discusses Twitter’s strategy behind having Moments. Is this Twitter’s bid to become the “go-to” place for general News?

The Difference Between Facebook and Twitter

(33:71) Nicky shares what she feels is the fundamental difference in business direction between Facebook and Twitter; Facebook has a global vision for what it is trying to achieve and where it is headed. However, Twitter needs a clearer direction so that users (and Twitter) knows what it is working towards and what the world can expect from Twitter in the future.

Periscope Video Now Viewable Natively on Twitter

(40:48) Periscope “Scopes” are now viewable directly within the Twitter timeline without having to navigate off to Periscope. This is an important move, says Nicky, as users now don’t need to be a Periscope user to consume that content.Speak with a SpecialistOur Twitter Marketing Services

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