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Twitter News Roundup – Including the Twitter Character Limit

This blog post explores a few recent changes to Twitter along with some ideas which have been causing a bit of uproar amongst the Twitter community.

Twitter is Considering Ditching its 140-Character Limit in Tweets

After much speculation it appears that the social media platform is considering changing its 140 character limit to 10,000. Apparently this will help Twitter to reach a wider audience, but people don’t seem too impressed.

What do you think about this possible change?


Twitter Closer to Allowing Long Tweets of up to 10000 Characters

How will a 10000 Character Limit Change Twitter Marketing?

Twitter Is Experimenting with a New, Non-Chronological Timeline

Twitter has begun testing a new format that is a departure from one of its defining features — the reverse-chronological timeline.

In early December, some users began seeing their tweets in a random order. The change is widely thought to be aimed at attracting new users and giving Twitter’s flagging growth a much-needed boost. At the moment, it’s just an experiment as they’re continuing to explore ways to surface the best content for people using Twitter.


Twitter Experimenting with Timeline Format for Tweets Sorting them by Relevance

Twitter Moments Launches in UK, as Company Hopes to take on News Services with Curated Slideshows

Twitter has placed itself in more direct competition with the BBC, and other broadcast news media, with its launch of its picture-led “Twitter Moments” service in the UK.

Moments, which carries a lightning flash logo, is seen as a key development in the ten-year story of Twitter, which was founded with the format of mini-blogs of 140 characters or less.


Twitter Moments Launches in UK as Company Hopes to take on News Services with Curated Slideshows

Shopping Goes Social!

Good news for eCommerce stores, Twitter are planning to take the shopping experience to the next level.

Twitter is testing ways to organise relevant tweets, products and places on dedicated pages. Twitter says in its blog post that these pages will feature images and videos about the product, alongside product description, price and an option to buy, book or visit the website for more information.

This should help eCommerce stores boost their sales on Twitter but it could also bring many more businesses to the platform.


Facebook Twitter to take Shopping Experience to Shop While you Socialise Concept

Twitter Expands Shopping Experience with Product Pages

Using the New Twitter Polls for eCommerce

Twitter announced its new polling feature in October, since then brands such as Buffer have been experimenting with the new format.

There are many ways that eCommerce companies can use Twitter polls, such as by voting on content, feedback, predictions or even just for market research.

Polls allow brands to be a bit more fun and creative with how their audience can engage with them on Twitter. You can even take the feedback from polls and then use the information to evolve your social strategy.


Using the New Twitter Polls for eCommerce

If you know that you should be using Twitter to grow your business, but you are not sure which of the Twitter strategies are best for you then one of our Twitter training courses could help you. However, if you have just a quick question or point of view please share it in the comments of this post and we will be sure to get back to you.

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